Garden Update

The month of June indeed was very interesting. I tried a hand on all my hobbies. Garden though was the priority. I tried growing some new plants and received a generous harvest. Here is a glimpse.

A new set of mustard plants on its way -

Basil plants have been flourishing -

I thought this was pumpkin but turned out to be tasty musk melon.

I am trying Potatoes for the first time. They have been growing pretty well and are now flowering.

But the highlight was watermelon. I had sowed some seeds that I had brought from the US but more grew from compost (Cow dung). Slowly, it was watermelon creepers everywhere. The fruit was tasty!

Kumquats are doing good too.

Among the flowering plants, the rain lilies stood out with its impressive colours.

I carried some saplings of  Coffee, Tabubia and Javanica trees to Surathkal.


  1. Your choices seem quite eclectic.... how do you find the time and energy to pursue all this...


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