Acrylic Painting & Wax Seals

The month of May had been a very creative one. I touched upon all my interests in great detail. I got to paint a new style, I improved my garden, made video logs, wrote articles and tried a lot of new recipes. This month has been truly incredible.

In this post, I shall touch upon just the art aspect of all this. I have been following some vlogs on youtube for acrylic painting techniques. One thing I tried was to try paint acrylic on canvas and make different types of trees. There is still a long way to go in terms of learning the acrylic techniques as it is very different form the poster colour that i used to, but here are few of my attempts. 

One day during a lunch break at office, I scribbled this art work using black and red ink pens. Perhaps, I could develop this into a painting someday. 

I have some new penpals now and I have been trying to be creative with the whole affair od snail mails. I have made some papers soaked in tea and baked. And, I have also tried the wax seals. 

These are simply great and make your letter look so good by giving it an antique touch. The process is simple - Cut a small piece of wax of desired colour, melt it in the spoon using the candle provided. Pour the molten wax on to the envelop and press the stamp seal on top of it. There you go!