How To Harvest Mustard Seeds

Mustard plants are one of the most easiest plants to grow. Just sprinkle some seeds in mud and you shall see some seedlings emerge within a day or two. 

They soon grow tall and their tiny little yellow flowers are pretty and ornamental. The flowers turn into pods and you can imagine the seeds growing within them, in a protected environment. 

But what is irritating for many, is the task of harvesting these seeds from those pods. Imagine picking one pod at a time and breaking loose, its seeds into a container. That would take you half a day for just one plant. So, here is a relatively easy technique that I found on the net. 

When the pods turn brown (as in, dry), cut the stems and put them in a zip lock cover. Rub over the pods, with both hands and watch the seeds separate out. Discard the husk and store the mustard seeds. Easy, ain’t it?

Here is a video demonstrating the process - 


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