So Far

After returning from the US, a lot of things kept me busy. One of them was gardening. I had some good harvest this season. Tomato plant that grew from the compost flourished well and bore several fruits. Delighted by this harvest, I have planted more tomatoes. 

As usual the malabar spinach yielded well.

Mustard seeds have been growing in abundance too and I wish to plant more of them soon. 

I also took some time to paint a gift for my friend in the US. She always receives me with kindness when I travel to the US and brings me some great home made cookies and cakes. During my recent visit to the US in February, she narrated to me, story of how she came to the US and setup a new life. The story is very inspiring and thus I recreated one of my earlier sketches for her.

Apart from these, my cats are always there to keep me engaged with their funny behaviours. Puppy loves its balcony seat to watch the squirrels and pigeons and when they are tired they sleep like there is no tomorrow.


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