A Day In Suratkal

During the weekend of 8th and 9th of April, I visited my hometown Surathkal. I drove there on Friday the 7th after office. My College friend Shiva joined me. The drive seemed very smooth with our engaging discussion about the current affairs and Gen X mindset and our dilemmas. At Shiradi ghat, the wipers got entangled and one of them stopped working and it was raining very heavily. Thankfully the damaged wiper was that of the passenger side. So, we continued driving. I dropped Shiva off at Kaladka and reached home at half past midnight.

The next day, I spent the entire day, roaming around our farm, watching the trees and plants that have begun bearing fruits. Here are few pictures. 

Some of my old paintings brought back good old memories of the days I spent in my uncle's house painting them. 

As always, my mother cooked some of my favourite dishes. Poondigatti and Golibaje.

In the evening, I went for a long walk to the beach. As always, that was a satisfying day at home.

Next day, My college friend Kishan came home and after breakfast, we drove to Moodbidri to attend our friends wedding. I was happy to meet some of my friends whom I had not met for several years. Specially my Engineering project team mate Ajeeth, a friend of the groom Viraj and my neighbour Ashfaq. It is always nice to reunite with people from the past. We recollected some of the funny events from our college days. 

Kishan, Shiva and I drove back to Bangalore via Charmadi ghat. All through the drive, we discussed current affairs and it was very interesting. At Kottigehara, we had some tasty Neer dosa and Golibaje. Again a smooth drive with great conversations.