Mt Iron, Wanaka

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Backpacking NZ : Day 08 (10-Dec-2016) 

From Quietness to Noise

This was one of the days when I woke up a little late. It’s always a pleasure to sleep until late once in a while to catchup with all that lost rest. I made some breakfast for myself, at the kitchen and had my morning tea that freshened me up. 

I checked out and moved my backpack to the storage area and left on a short trek to Mt Iron. 

Mt Iron is a small hill not very far from the town centre. It is famous with locals who come for a daily walk or jog. A panoramic view of the lake and surrounding mountains is what makes this walk a rewarding experience.

Something that I have noticed in NZ so far is that there are a lot of old people still earning their living; whether it be the bus drivers or the gardeners in the parks. Some of these jobs require hardwork like lifting heavy luggages etc. Many who work in the restaurants, farms and hostels are mainly travellers doing that for extra money. So, I wondered where were all the young kiwis? What do they do for living? 

Back in town, I had my lunch at Relish café. I just love the ambience there and I picked a seat overlooking the lake. I ate some delicious courgette and whitestone haloumi fritters , poached egg and confit tomato. I was served an extra egg instead of bacon. The fritters were delicious and fresh avocados adorning the dish was also refreshing. 

I fancied a dessert and so ordered a Mascapone and goat’s cheese mousse, lemon and lavender curd, green apple granita, almond crunch. It was yummy!

I stopped at i-Site and booked my Nelson to Wellington bus and cruise. It was very windy, so I decided to head back to the hostel and catchup on some of my journal writing. At 4:00 PM, I walked back to the lake and boarded my bus to QT. My driver was probably an Indian and surprisingly, I was the only person on that bus. 

To avoid the noisy hostel Base, I had booked YHA right opposite Base. I shared my hostel room with three German boys. But my stay was so short that I really did not get a chance to know them. I bought some grocery and cooked my dinner - Mexican rice. YHA hostels have a standard. They have big spacious kitchen and good facilities. This one particularly has a big kitchen with some great views of the lake.

Not willing to step out in this crowded town, I decided to go to bed early. But unfortunately, my room was closer to Base and so I could hear all the noise from across the street. 

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  1. Bonjour,

    J'apprécie la belle promenade que vous nous proposez !... Je suis certaine que Sir Icarus, mon dalmatien aimerait aussi !
    Mes yeux s'écarquillent aussi à la vue de ce fameux déjeuné !
    Merci pour le partage de vos merveilleuses photos.

    Gros bisous 🌺

    1. Merci Martin alison. Oui, c'etait une ballade tres imnteressant avec belle vue.le dejaune, c'etait super! :-)


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