Cats! Chats! Gatos!

Well, after our dear dog Tomy died, I have always wanted to have another one as pet. But in our busy city lives, the dogs only become a watchman's companion more than the owner's. So the idea of having a dog was always procrastinated. Until, one day, my cousins sister messaged me a picture of her cat and it's four sweet little kittens. We were downed by the idea of borrowing two of them. One weekend, we drove to the other side of Bangalore just to bring back these two lovely kittens. For a week, my niece was at home so she looked after their diet when we were off and later they just got adjusted to our routine. Mainly because they are a pair, they kept themselves engaged in their games.

Adorable little black and white coloured cat was named Happy to begin with but it is now called Gundu. It is more of a dog than a cat, very affectionate towards us and extremely disciplined. He is always following his sister in the pranks rather than taking the initiative.  Well, the white one, is a prankster. She is always curious and continuously exploring. She that makes her a monkey! So we have a dog and a monkey at home.

In pictures, I display the funny moments during their three months in our house. See them grow, see them in action, watch them caught between their pranks or a nap!