Thursday, May 19, 2016

Last Day In Singapore

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So, here was our last day in Singapore. We had explored almost all corners of this island. I am sure there is more to do but I think we got a descent experience of the country in this 10 days. This day was dedicated for all the pending shopping. We relaxed till noon and checked out from the hotel. Left our bags at the baggage counter at the hotel and left for some shopping. 

I went back to that little art store to grab some more material. 

Later walked on Bugis street to buy some magnets for a colleague. Tried some iced coconut water and Kaya buns, freshly baked at the street stalls on Bugis street. At a fair price and a store near our hotel, we bought some yummy Kaya bottles. I stopped at a Kopi Tiam (A local coffee shop) to try some hot Kopi. It tasted great. 

We returned back to the hotel at around 4 PM and collected our bags. We took MRT to Tanah Merah and changed to the airport line. We were at the airport by around 5:45 PM. At the airport there were several Indians from Singapore who had this really funny english accent - the Singlish accent. I tired some cold Kopi at the airport. It was brilliant too. Kofi is made of roasted coffee beans and some other flavours. It is not acidic and not as strong as the coffee found in other parts of the world. Thus is makes it easy to have this drink in larger quantity. That suits me well. I love the coffee taste but fear the after effects like acidity. 

The flight was uneventful. Next to me sat the Marketing head of Lenova who lost his business class seat due to some delay in the connecting flight. He was basically from Australia. We discussed a little about our work  and he told me how he uses our bicycle lock products to secure them after a recent theft in his apartment. He was very down to earth. He was hooked to this mobile game called Risk and he explained the entire game to me. 

The flight was on time. I will not say that I missed Singapore even though I enjoyed my stay there. I was happy to be back having experienced yet another country and look forward to experience another one soon. My over all impression about this country is that it’s a beautiful place to live in. There are a lot of stuff you could do while living there. There is a lot of scope for out door activities like Bicycling in an island or several trekking options within the city. Or, if you would just like to relax by the sea you could got to one of the quays or board walks which are easily accessible by metro and bus. You do not even have to drive. Hence living here would be really awesome. But, then everything is perfect here. 

The bus arrives at the same time every single day. The buildings look just the same every single day and everything seems to happen just the way it is meant to happen. I think, thats why, always, in the end, I like to return to India where nothing is constant. Even though it can be frustrating at times that there are no rules, the same can be interesting and adventurous sometimes. Mundane life can drive me crazy. 


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