World'End, Horton Plains

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After finishing Kirigalpoththa, Khailrul and I thank Kumar and start the most famous trek in Horton plains - The World’s end. The entire trek is about 9.5 kms. This trek is amazing. At this height the sky is clear and some wonderful views are bestowed. The sight of cloud formations and movements is magical at the world’s end. I think these pictures translate the moments better than my words. 

The map - 

On the way - 

At World’s end - 

At Baker’s fall - 

At Chimney pool - 

Back in the lodge we share our stories with Sunny, Gamini, Arathi and Kavan. We discuss more over dinner on general topics. Kavan is interested in history so he and I discuss about Ravana and Ramayana. He tells me that in the last two decades there has been some curiosity about Ravana. Some politicians had launched secret treasure hunts to search hidden treasures of the king of Lanka. Supersitious beliefs have led to a theory that whoever owns the golden throne of Ravana and his sword will be the most powerful. 

We retire to bed early that day . Tired I am but the mind is fresh. The two treks today has been a soul enriching experience. 
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