Meen Kolli

Meen Kolli (About 22kms from Somwarpet) is a very interesting place near Madhapur. Meen Kolli means a stream of fishes. Thanks to a Chamundeshwari temple beside which this stream flows, fishing is prohibited here. So, the fishes here are very friendly. You can feed them and they all come in herds to pick their share. The localities asked us to feed them pieces of buiscuit. It was fun watching them flight for the food. 

For about two kilometres along the stream, you shall find these fishes who will rush towards you as they sense food.

We then drove upstream to the Chamundeshwari temple. It is an impressive temple complex with antlers hung all along the sides. While speaking to a localite, we learnt that every year around the month of April, during the temple fest, the antlers are used to perform a traditional form of dance. 

On our way back to Sowmrapet, we stopped at Belur golf course (6kms from Somwarpet). Well, this place does not appear to be an active golf course anymore but is definitely a nice evening picnic spot for the localites.