Moonrise From The Garden Of The Gods

One thing I have always done, living in Colorado Springs, is to take a night drive to the Garden of the Gods and park my car near the Balanced rock and climb uphill to view the entire city lit up. It’s my favourite place in the town and I never miss a chance to drive up there when I visit. Every time that I have been there, the moment had been special; an interesting conversation with a Native Indian once and a thoughtful discussion on life with a good friend next time. 

This time while I was there, I met a couple who were waiting for the moon rise. Their moon rise app told us that the time was 7:10 PM and they had already used the GPS to locate the place where we would see it rise. We stood there talking about my visit and my adventures hiking the Pikes peak and in Colorado Springs while waiting for the moon rise. It was a magical moment when finally at the time per the app, the moon rose. I could not capture great pictures without a tripod but here are some snapshots.