I had one more week to go in Indianapolis before I would fly again; this time back to Colorado Springs. In this week, I had a couple of things, I had to do. I met a friend of my cousin who happens to be from my hometown. We met at the only temple in Indianapolis one evening, where the indians were busy celebrating Shivaratri. Kedlaya told me that the temple is under renovation. It was nice to meet other Tulu speaking residents of Indianapolis. 

I made sure to revisit all my favourite Mexican restaurants in town during this last week. I enjoyed Quesadillas, Enchiladas and Burritos. It is interesting to notice that I cannot let go of a Mexican dish until the last bite. 

I enjoyed watching movies at the United Artist theatre near my hotel. I was so impressed by their retractable seats that I went back to watch movies there. I watched American Sniper and Imitation game. I also watched some good films like « Gone girl » and « Boyhood » at my hotel room. 

A half price book store on 82nd E street was a must visit and I was lucky to find some French books there. My best friend during all these drives was the GPS that I never forgot to order while renting a car. I remembered my previous visits where I had to take print outs of directions to every destination and now thanks to the GPS, I would be redirected every time I missed a turn. 

I was also planning on watching a play. When I had watched the movie "August Osage County", not only was I impressed by Meryl Streep's acting but also by the storyline. This movie is based on a play and to have this play playing in the city was something I did not want to miss. 

On Feb 20th, I went to Carmel community theatre to watch the play. It is a small theatre which could only accommodate about 50 people. I was there early and I got into a conversation with a very sweet old lady who along with her husband work for an event management company. Their task here was to verify the tickets and get the audience seated. She was very friendly and we talked for almost about 45 minutes until the play started. « Not everyone is friendly here, there are all kinds of people in this world. » she said. 

The play was brilliant with some powerful performances specially by the actors who played the characters Violet (Jean Adams) and Barbara (Holly Hathaway); they form the soul of the entire plot. The play was 3 hours long and had a short break in between. Even with a very serious subject, the play is filled with humour. This interesting play by Tracy Letts is directed by Doug Peet.

Next day; the day of my leaving, the entire place was covered with a thick blanket of snow. That meant extra work to clean the car and a careful driving to the airport. 

I checked out and headed to the airport around 10 AM driving in the incoming snow storm. I was glad to be leaving this city at a right time.