Venice Beach, LA

Our next stop after Getty Museum was at the Venice beach. By the time we reached the sun had set. But there was a lot of action going on there.

Many walked, others rode bicycles, some walked playing music and some danced. There was also a photo shoot in process at the beach. A drone camera was used to capture arial shots.

The street was filled with shops, several were tattoo shops. We had a short walk along this active street. There was almost everything on this street. fast food places, Shops that sell clothes or souvenirs, tattoo shops, people dressed up as ghosts, people playing music, games, an outdoor gym; literally everything. It was a nice walk. I loved the energy there.

Before returning home, we stopped at a temple. Indians were celebrating republic day. Vibhav and Varsha had a song each to sing. This place was flooding with indians giving it a non US, India kind of feel. 

We also stopped by an Indian restaurant to pack food that also served dinner buffet. It was again crowded and everyone looked very hungry there for some reason. They seemed in a hurry to finish their plates. Perhaps thats our style of eating. I only noticed it when I came here and after having dined all these days with Americans who are very relaxed while having a meal. Part of it could also be that in India, we are recommended not to speak while eating. So the whole concentration goes to relishing the food.