Kemah, Texas

On the 13th of February, I left Indy and headed towards Houston. I looked forward for this long weekend so as to escape the cold Indy weather. I was also visiting a new state thus making the count of visited states 27. 

I had booked a room in the same hotel that my friend Karthik was staying in. I met his friends Arun and Ganesh there. On the 14th, five of us (Includes another friend of Karthik called Rajan) left Houston and drove to Kemah which is about an hours drive. I had made no plans at all so I was in for anything that would come up. The boys had decided to go to the Mardi Gras in Galveston and before that stop at Kemah which has some adventure rides. 

Houston seemed different than any other cities I had been to in the US. It was not very clean, there was trash on the sides of the roads, plenty of beggars, pot holes on the road and had narrow lanes and parking slots. People did not smile to each other like they do in Colorado or Indy. In some strange way the vegetation and the weather gave an India feel to this place. 

Our drive to Kemah was interesting and I got to know my new friends a little better. We took two rides in the amusement park that was really crazy. One took us to a height and dropped us down and the other was a train ride but the track was a circle and the speed was terrible. But it was fun. 

We then walked along the boardwalk. The boat rides here are supposed to be good. After hanging out for a while, we decided to head to Galveston.