Getty Museum, LA

A new city on this trip meant a new art museum. Getty is one of the most popular museums in the US. Its located on top of a hill with walkaways and tram rides from he base. Entry is free but you will have to pay $15 for parking.

There is a huge collection of European paintings. Though I am not a big fan of romanticism and realism I enjoyed some of the collection they had in this particular area.

But the jewel in the crown are these impressionist art by some of the most famous French artists I have known. It was a delight to watch them for real now.  To put it in layman term, Impressionism i san art movement originated in France that dealt with thin but visible brush strokes, depiction of light and its changing quality.

Irises by Vincent Van gogh - 

La Promenade by Pierre-Auguste Renoir - 

 Wheat Stacks, Snow Effect, Morning by Claude Monet - 

Sunrise by Claude Monet - 

The outdoors of the museum is also very charming with interesting gardens to relax. It can easily be a half to full day trip to the museum.

Having an inclination towards modernism, I truly enjoyed this display of collection they had. Specially the impressionist paintings. 


  1. This is such a beautiful post on the museum. I studied Getty Museum in my college library because I was fascinated by its large scale design and the story behind the collection. Loved the paintings too.


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