Crystal Cove State Park

On the morning of 1st Feb, I went for a jog in the park near my sisters house. It is always good to catchup with workout after a gap. 

Later watched my niece play basketball match.

We relaxed all morning and then afternoon drove to the crystal cove state park. The beach was nice and empty.

While wetting my feet in the water, I wondered if it would have been possible that the same wave had touched me fro the other end at my hometown. And years later we had met again at another part of the world. We would never know, would we?

After that, we drove to the fashion mall, had some cup cakes, Chocolate croissant and walked around window shopping for a while. And then it was time to head back to Colorado. I left home at around 6:45 PM but my flight got delayed and left the airport only at 9:30 PM. By the time I reached Denver it was midnight. I took the shuttle to the parking lot and drove on I25 to Colorado springs. The interstate was empty and I enjoyed my hour long drive. Another good trip had ended and I looked forward of more.