A Morning In Irvine, Orange County

I reached Irvine on Friday Night (Jan 30th). I drove to Denver that afternoon, parked my car in Pike peak parking lot near the airport; took their free shuttle to the terminal and had an uneventful flight. Flying in the US is like taking a bus in India. Its so easy and so frequent. I recollected my stay here ten years ago. How I had enjoyed flying; hopping from one airport to another. At one time i had flown from Baltimore to LA thats like from one coast to another.  

I was happy to meet my Sister, Brother-in Law, my niece and nephew after a long time. Vibhav and Varsha are adorable and I almost immediately knew, the moment I was there that this weekend was going to be a lot of fun. My sister, a good cook that she is, had prepared some delicious cutlets, Navarathna kurma for chapatis and biriyani. I specially loved the cheese cake she had made. 

Next morning (Jan 31st), Vibhav, Varsha and I went for a walk in a near by park. The weather was truly the best. It was not too cold not too hot but just perfect. The vegetation was different and still green as compared to the dry Colorado Springs. I simply loved that walk in the park. Irvine is an hours drive from LA and is I must say one of the most nicest residential places I have visited in the US. Its an affluent suburban city in Orange county, planned and developed by Irvine company since the 1960’s.The city's mission statement is "to create and maintain a community where people can live, work, and play in an environment that is safe, vibrant, and aesthetically pleasing ».Which I think, it truly is. 

The atmosphere seemed so lively. People were bicycling, jogging or walking. 

We stopped by a small sports centre near the park where ice hockey practice was in progress which we watched for a while before returning.