Melukote & Shravanbelagola

On the 18th of January, My in-laws, Brother-in-law, Preethi and I left to Melukote at around 8:00 AM. Mysore road was fairly free that Sunday morning.

Just after you cross Mandy town, there is a small divider where you need to take a right turn to Melukote. The signboard is on the road that goes right, so its easy to miss it. I did miss it but then took a U-turn back. The divider is just after the green over head board when you cross Mandya town. On this road the signboards are all neat and clean. 

My previous visit to Melukote is recorded Here.

We reached Melukote by around 10:45 AM. We directly went to the main temple Cheluvanarayana swamy temple. A very beautiful temple and a very impressive and attractive looking idol. 

Outside, you can find several small stores selling the famous Puliogre. Well actually the puliogre made by the Iyengars of Melukote is very special. Last time that we had visited an Iyengar was selling homemade pullover but unfortunately you can’t find them anymore. Anyway, we settled in one of those shops and tasted some brilliant Puliogre, Sweet pongal and curd rice. Sweet pongal made with sugar was just yummy. I would highly recommend that to the visitors. 

After a quick and tasty lunch we drove to Danush Koti. Here, my memories of bee attack came back to me from our previous visit. 

Next stop Rayadwara; the main entrance that was commissioned to be built in a day and remains incomplete till today. 

And then the Yoga Narasimha Swamy temple on the hill. You can drive till halfway and then have to take the steep stairs. Its a very impressive temple as well with an idol of lord Narasimha in meditation. 

We got down and drove to Shravanabelagola which is about 30 kms from Melukote. On our way we stopped at Agalya to visit the Maleshwara temple. However, it was closed. We did get a glimpse of th main diety through holes carved on the outside wall for viewing. 

At Shravanbelagola, it was a good 600 plus steps climb to see lord Bahubali. It is one of the tallest monolith in the world (58 ft). Lord Mahaveera stands with a very tranquil expression. Gomateshwara idol to me represent simplicity and its nakedness does not embarrass but in turns makes me feel how bonded we are with our thoughts, our rules and our society. 

We had some snacks at a restaurant near by and took the Channarayaptna route to Hassan-Bangalore highway. By 7:15 PM, I was back home. It was a good one day trip with some descent and not very tiring driving and great historical places.