Filling the gap

I was planning to write about the trekking i had been on last weekend, when i realised that there would then be a significant gap of approximately one and half month between the events of my  posts. So, that made me think of what i had been put to during this period. It definitely was not hibernation. 

My French classes did not motivate me to continue, hence, I decided to call it an end. But not before preparing and writing my DELF B2 exam. I made plans to keep in touch with the language through books, movies, staying connected to friends from class and meeting travellers. Thanks to the website -, I have been able to meet quite a few French travellers. I also had a nice experience of hosting for the first time a Canadian couple. Ryan and Liane. Ryan spoke French as he came from Montreal. I also happened to meet Yogo, who has been hitchhiking around the world for few years now. His intention is to meet people and interact with them more than seeing places. I was impressed with myself for conversing in French for a full hour and a half.

I read - « To kill a mocking bird » that i enjoyed very much. It was filled with good humour and treated serious flaws in the society with a masterful wit through a perspective of an 8 year old. I also finished reading the entire « A Song Of Ice And Fire » series. I can’t wait longer for the next two books to be published.

I watched a few really good movies - « The Perks of being a Wallflower », « Le Grand voyage » and « Les quatre cents coups » 

A weekend in Surathkal was refreshing. I hoped to see the mansion showers but the weekend i spent there, it was dry. However, i spent all day watching a few good movies, reading books, taking a walk to the beach and tasting some of the local delicacies that my mother prepared. At the beach i came up with the thought.

"La destination n'est jamais atteinte. Après avoir frappé la roche ou le sable, les vagues se reculent."
"A destination is never reached. After having hit the rock or the sand, the waves recede."

Meanwhile, my garden bloomed with jasmines and lilies. Green chilly, Malabar space and pathrodey leaves flourished.

A wall painting is in its way. With my time off on weekends i started to paint one of the walls in living room. Tired of just running in Lalbagh, I decided to join gym that makes sure my entire body gets the exercise it needs. I enjoy my morning visits to the gym. The workout makes me feel lighter and happier. 

During one of the earlier visits to Surathkal, while my sister and her family was there, i got a chance to revisit my grandmothers house. Now turned a PG, it might not have the familiar faces and feel but it definitely has not lost its charm. Several good memories of childhood came rushing. I realised how these small day to day things can eventually turn into something memorable that in future, we shall cherish. Hence in my blog, not a single event shall be regarded as insignificant . :-)