Nelliyampathy & Coimbatore

After returning from Mumbai, I was in Bangalore for 3 days which involved office and joining colleagues and French class friends for parties. During one of them, i realised that we could find food up to 2:00AM in Bangalore at restaurants like - Empire, Imperial and Paramount. That to me was a news that made me feel good as I was considering Bangalore to shutdown at 11:00 PM. 

On Sunday (29th Dec), 6:00 AM in the morning, I left Bangalore on my i10 towards Coimbatore. I love this road - Bangalore - Salem-Coimbatore. All four lane and thankfully this time the construction was almost complete. It took me 6 hours excluding one stop for breakfast at Krishnagiri. By lunch I was at my in-laws place. 

With a high temperature, i did nothing more but sleep that afternoon. 

Next morning (30th) we drove to Nelliyampathy a hill station in palakkad district of Kerala. It felt good to drive along the paddy fields. Palakkad is called the rice bowl of Kerala for its cultivation of the crop. The driving route is through Palakkad - Nemara- Nelliyampathy. At the base is a dam and then you drive up the hill. There are several view points along the way and some hair pin bends.

At Nelliyampathy you could take a jeep route to the hills. We instead drove through a coffee cum tea estate to a scenic view point called "Suicide point." It’s a small trek along the cliff to the end from where you could see a waterfall. 

We returned back to Nemara and had lunch. It is always hard to find a pure Vegetarian restaurant in Kerala. From there we went to Palakkad fort which is in the town. It is a well maintained fort from the time of Hyder Ali.

Next stop - Preethi’s grandmother's house in Palakkad town. We met her uncles, aunts and cousins; had good dinner and drove back to coimbatore. In spite of slight temperature, I enjoyed the drive.

Next morning (Dec 31st), Preethi and I went to nearby temples as it was her birthday. In the evening we visited a hill temple called Marudamallai.

On our way back we stopped at the famous Annapoorna hotel to try some vada sambhar and Gobi roast dosa. I like the dosa variety available in Tamil nadu. We stopped at Preethi’s aunt's house before returning home.

On Jan 1st, we left Coimbatore at around 11:40 AM after an early lunch. I enjoyed the four lane tollway all the way back and in 6.5 hours I was in Bangalore. 


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