After descending the Lohgad fort and feasting on some rice bhakri’s we drove to Pune and then a deviation of 37 kms to Lavasa. Lavasa is a planned city being constructed in phases. At the moment one town has been established with its set of apartments, hotels, restaurants, hill top villas all facing a artificially created lake by diverting a river. Since Ganesh Bhai’s friend had an apartment there we decided to crash in there for the night. 

A musical fountain entertained the visitors during the night.

The streets resemble some of those perhaps in the european countries with cosy restaurant, street stalls, lake side pathway all in one place. After a nice walk along the main street we settled in at a Gujarati restaurant for dinner.

After returning to the apartment, we had some chat, some singing and some old photographs and video viewing. By midnight all retired to bed.

Next morning (Dec 24th) at 6:00 AM, as usual; like I do in any new place, I took a walk to observe the town wake up. Ganesh Bhai joined me. After some good walk and my morning tea on a lazy tuesday morning in this town which appeared like sunday, we returned back and relaxed at the apartment.

By the time all of us were up and fresh, it was 12:30 PM. We walked around to see some water sports at the lake. There are some options for adventure sports like speed boat, canoeing,  dirt bikes etc. But they are a little too expensive than usual. 

Seeing not much interest in those we choose a nature trail in the woods. It was a fun walk and we enjoyed a small play area in the centre of the nature trail. Most of the forest here is said to be created using hydro seeding.

At 3:00 PM we stopped at a local hotel to try some real tasty Maharastrian cuisine - Johar bahkri, Junkha, egg plant dish and spicy Butter milk. It was one of the best meals I have had. 

After that I drove the Honda city back with the boys playing really loud music. I enjoyed the drive along Pune-Mumbai express. After Lonavala, we stopped at a rest area for some snacks like - Cothambri vada and thali pet. Amazing food!

We reached home by 8:00 PM. It was a great trip and I truly enjoyed this getaway. 

Next day (Dec-25th) Varun left at 6:00 AM to Kanpur; At 1:30 PM I took a taxi back to airport and by 8:00 PM was at home in Bangalore. 

This trip was truly amazing and I had real good time out from my routine. I spent some quality time with my sister and her family along with some friends. A change like this from routine is truly a bliss and seems so wanted. I enjoyed the activeness of a trek and the laziness in a lavasa after. Both has its own beauty; like one has to follow the other for equilibrium.