Varsha & Vibhav!

After my Kodachadri trek, I went to Surathkal to meet my niece and nephew (Oct 14th). Having left Nittoor at around 10:00 AM, I reached Surathkal at around 2:00PM. After a delicious lunch prepared by my mother, I took a good nap until my naughty little nephew arrived at 5pm and woke me up. It was good to meet my sister and the kids after a year. Vibhav and Varsha were fun to talk to.  We finished Vibhav's story that he had started the previous year and I volunteered to make an illustrated version of it. I read Varsha's story and she sketched a beautiful flower for me.

After dinner, we decided to watch the Sharada pooja march. I was able to capture some interesting images.

Next day, we left home at around 8:45AM and went to Mangalore to watch the film "Gravity". This film truly is a work of art. For the first time, I actually liked a 3D  film and was happy to see that the 3D effect was effectively utilised. 

I returned to Bangalore the same night. They were leaving to Mumbai the next day and then to LA. I enjoyed every bit of my stay in Surathkal. It was great fun and a good conclusion to my long weekend.