Sometimes along the way we get so busy with work and family that we almost forget what it is to party. What it is to enjoy an evening with friends, what it is to just live a day totally unplanned, as it comes.

The month of october was a treat to me. With a trip to the vineyard, trekking and a quick trip to meet family at Surathkal, the month started off with loads of fun. But what arrived unexpected was an evening at Arbour brewing company to meet fellow couch surfers. 

However the evening was nothing like my idea of socialising. I wouldn't want to meet 40 people on an evening and never get to know even one a little better. So even though the evening was fun chatting with travellers from around the world, i don't think i would return there every week.

Thanks to a French band playing at Opus and then an unplanned get-together at AFB and cloud bar, it was nice to meet up with French class friends and enjoy the moment with some tequila and good talk. 

The party mood continued at office too. With our team spinning off to form a new company several parties were arranged and as a team we danced to the DJ music! Party with CAB mates, party with "The UB group" (Team of 15 engineers who have been together since almost 8 years) and another party as an entire team.

We were to leave our Bidadi office to setup a new one in the city. Being a small team, we did most of the setting up work. I was mainly involved with the interiors of the office and every visit to the site was fun and knowledgeable. 

But then after a lot of party, you realise that it is time to settle down and get back to serious stuff. however once in a while a break such as this seems the most wanted. So for me a trip with family was awaiting. I was planning a three day trip to north canara and Mangalore. I eagerly looked forward for that to balance my emotions.