Everything is illuminated!

A week after my sister left, my mom was in Bangalore. One of those evenings, when it was raining, we went to a restaurant called Tuscanno in UB city. I am in love with this place and the rains made it look even more beautiful. It was nice sitting outside enjoying that cool breeze and tasting hot pastas.

Mid june we made a day trip to Surathkal and I loved watching the rain. During Mansoon, everything seem to be magically turning into green in south canara. My day was filled with joy when I spotted peahens wander around in the front yard.

The month of June was busy with follow ups on a land that I was then about to buy. Having booked this land about an year ago, several complications delayed its registration and as the moment arrived I found myself drowned in follow ups with the agent, owner and lawyer. With these follow up's came along few sleepless nights as side effects. Finally on July 11th I bought a piece of earth for myself. While my wife Preethi was a witness, I requested my Friend from french class cum Bro to be the second. We drove to Malur and got the land registered. It felt really good to stand on the piece of land and realise that it all belonged to me and I could do anything with it. Though I am never going to settle here, the ways in which I could use it is limitless. My first thought was to plant some trees and Rohan thinks we could camp there one night. 

A day in Mangalore to attend a cousins wedding and to meet my sis again was a good break from all that had kept me busy so far.

I also did a small study on one of my stories. I sent it to few of my friends and asked them to interpret it. It was interesting to notice how each one had different perspective and the work of consolidating the ideas and presenting the result of my study gave me immense happiness. I learnt how when an artist or writer publishes his work, it no longer remains his and his intentions may not remain anymore the only correct interpretation.

P and I went to UB city again to dine at Cafe noir (A french restaurant) while it was raining. It was a beautiful weather. We had also been to our favourite italian restaurant in town called Eurasia. After tasting on my favourite Lasagna, when we were about to order the bill, the power went off revealing the absence of a generator in the restaurant. But they made up for that by placing these lovely candles on the table. In the candle light everything seemed illuminated!


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