A Hidden Hill

After returning from a very exciting but also exhaustive trip, I had only one hour to get ready and meet my friends from office - Shankh and Prince. I had promised to meet them for a photography assignment we had been planning for a while. That is, to find a way to get to the hidden hill that we see daily from the outer ring road, reach there and capture the traffic during night.

In that one hour that I had, the two most important things I could think of were to drink two glasses of delicious mango juice made and refrigerated by my mother before she left and to take a quick shower (Precisely in that order). 

I reached Shankh's place at around 6:15 Pm and we decided to walk. We met Prince on the way. Exploring the area and trying to find a way up the hill, we made our way into very narrow and clumsy streets of Girinagar that finally led us to a dead end. We did not even know how to describe where we had to go - A rock, on top of hill, that is viewed from the Outer ring road. But people around helped us identify it as  Veerabadhra temple. 

After some more walking, we reached the temple. The location is very serene. A huge rock, a small temple, a sitting area that overlooks the outer ring road below. Its a perfect place to sit in solitude. 

After few pictures that captured the traffic, I was done. I handed my tripod to Shankh and relaxed. The weather was very peaceful; Cloudy, windy, cool and prompting a probable heavy rain.

This picture happened while looking through the view finder. I liked what I saw :-)

I hated the truck for spoiling the look. But i now think differently. It acts like a reference to all other vehicles that are moving.

After a while of photography we decided to get back. We walked back to Shankh's place for dinner.  We just made in time to escape the rain. The evening was well spent. I enjoyed every moment of it and its always fun to be with people with similar enthusiasm and likings. 

When I returned home close to 11:00 PM, all I wanted was a good sleep to peacefully end this incredible day.