Jusqu'à maintenant (Until now)

The month of February was loaded. Several things kept me busy. My garden bloomed with some interesting flowers, I did a off-season repotting.  And the best was this beautiful red carnation.

On Feb13th I traveled to Mangalore for my cousin's wedding. I enjoyed clicking pictures at the wedding and I think i did a good job :-) I love how with camera, one can observe the moments that just last for less than a second and allows you to notice the beauty in the trivial.

While in Mangalore, me and my sister Akki got to meet after a long time, after almost an year. We had a galla time during the two days that we were there. And oh ya, i got my UID done there which was a easy job in a smaller town with contacts than in a crowded city full of strangers.

And the peacocks come to my house looking for greenery. 

Back in class, I started my B1P2 classes. Lot of studies as french gets beyond simple grammar lessons and baby talks to framing sensible sentences. :-)

Through Couchsurfing website, I met few foreigners. My first ever couch surfing friend whom I have not known earlier is Omar. He is an artitst from Berlin. He was traveling in India for a few weeks with his friend Michael. I met them one evening for about an hour at MG Road. I had a good time discussing various topics - Omar and my art, Why Michael loves India, Michael serving army in israel, Bangalore life, Apple products (as Michael is in tech support for apple products) and so on. It was a good exchange of opinions and knowledge.

My next couch surfing friend is Romain from France. Even though i don't speak excellent french, I insisted that we speak only in french. I think i did good.  :-) After lunch we went to Alliance where we met my classmates and we all had good time speaking in french to Romain. 

Another french connection was our volunteers meet. During the year end fest at Alliance, me and some of my friends had volunteered for the arrangement. Thanking us, the directors of alliance treated us for dinner @ chez jacques....it was a nice time talking about france, india, bangalore and alliance. 

Two artists from France visited Bangalore to display this beautiful work of art, music and creativity. Using a backdrop of a cathedral, designing the work specially for this architecture, they mesmerised the audience with visual graphics and music. (@ st, francis xavier cathedral)


  1. Your blog was inspiring Ajeya...it reminds one just how each day should be lived. Meeting new people, learning new things, experiencing new experiences. It was refreshing just to read about it! Keep living and keep writing.. (p.s. the only scary part was the realization that at some stage you have to start constructing full, long, sensible sentences in French! Tres-horror!)


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