Devanahalli Fort & Nandi Hills

When my parents visited us in Jan, we tried different hotels like MTR, Ramana’s and Food Street. We watched a nice Kannada play called- Opera House. On a Sunday afternoon we drove to Devanahalli fort. The fort is surrounding the village.

Venugopalswamy temple is situated in middle of the fort.

We then drove to Boganandishwara temple. The temple architecture is beautiful.

The grapes in Devanahalli had matured and villagers sat by the road selling grapes. 

Nandi hills were filled with Bangaloreans. We walked around the hill, went to temple and then watched the sunset. As the sky turned grey and people dispersed, we drove back Bangalore.


  1. फ़ोटो से बहुत कुछ पता लग जाता है।


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