French Française!

What kept me busy so far were my French classes. Not just classes but more. The year ended with lot of French interactions. Diwali was celebrated at a French class friend’s house with lots of damaka. Even though I am not a big fan of the crackers, the enthusiasm and energy at Purva Rivera apartments pulled me into the celebration. Our AFB director, his wife and son were taken aback by our festival mood. My friend, Sangeetha, her husband, SIL and little son Ishaan were a perfect host. Being away from family, one does not really get into the festive mood. Thanks to my friend and her lovely family for making this a happy diwali. Innocent talks of three year old, sweet little Ishaan made the atmosphere more lively and interesting.

Classes began to get serious with more tenses introduced, more vocabulary and of course more tests. In meantime, we threw a surprise potluck party for Aisha mam on a weekend after her birthday.

Bought a new easel and started a painting based on Nagamandala (A type of art made during a pooja for lord naga).  Garden update – Lovely pink carnations blossomed this winter.

I made two quick one day trips to Surathkal for my passport. Though short visits, they were enjoyable and I visited the beach in the evenings.

We had our year end celebration at AFB which was to be completely arranged by students. So even though it was impossible to be there for every meeting during weekdays, I wanted to be part of it, just because being part of something big makes me feel really good. In turn I made few new friends, learnt some event management stuff from other volunteers, and interacted a lot with other students and the management, which I enjoy the most. The event was based on the theme – “End of the world” and It was a big success. 

One of our classmate initiated “Secret Santa” and it was fun exchanging gifts. On the last day of class, after our exams we gifted mam this mug with our signature on it and we all had lunch together.

It was one of the best classes after A2P1. We had a good mix of students from age 16 to 55 and above all we had my favorite teacher again. She made B1P1 go so smoothly and enjoyable. By the end of the course we were filled with superb confidence to move ahead.

Et oui... Bonne Année! Happy New Year!


  1. Happy new year! The feast for the birthday looks mouth watering and the pink carnations look beautiful!
    I have been to Suratkal couple of times, my chikamma is from there. Lovely place.

  2. Hi,
    Just chanced upon ur blog...reading this post of urs made me nostalgic as I too was pursuing French from Alliance francaise de delhi. But had to drop it midway due to a professional program I got into. Learning a language is one of the best gifts one can give words everyday flowing like satin in the class...and the culture@Af is so awesum! Weekend potlucks, concerts, plays, talks...waiting to get back to my French classes
    Nice & simple blog...

    1. True...Yes, the AFB ambiance is awesome. Thats why mostly people just love to stick around. I am glad to know that even Delhi campus is the same. What level did you complete?

  3. Awesome! I so love French and this post motivates me! :-)

    Have a great year my friend.

  4. Thanks Rakesh - You too, have a good year ahead.


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