100 Years Of Dance

Alliance francaise celebrated the month of April with several dance shows. Especially on April 29th the campus was filled with music and dance for 100 years of Dance – An exhibition. As I walked into the campus at around 9:20 AM, unlike other days the place was crowded and kids were performing Bharathnatyam, Yakshagana and Katak at the entrance. It was a very beautiful sight. Many artists dressed richly in tradition, gracefully walked around the premises. The music and dance on that lovely morning created a beautiful ambiance.

All students, including our teacher were so attracted to the music that we wanted to be seeing the performance than sitting in the class.  After the class, I stayed back and my friend Seb joined me there to view rest of the performances. All forms of dance were performed there – Bharathnatayam, Odissi, Kuchupudi, Katak, Kathakali and contemporary dance forms.

 Credits for Photography – Sebastian John.

On 5th of May, I got to view Hip hop dance called Temps d'arret by Miguel Nosibor….As this was the first time that I was watching the dance form, I was totally blank on expectations. So the flexibility and graceful movements really kept me glued to his philosophical theme (title translates as “arrested time”)

Credits for Photography – Sebastian John.


  1. This sounds amazing- there is something about dancing and viewing dancing that is so mesmerizing. It connects our outward body with our inward emotions.

    In the Bible it always talks about "Dancing before the Lord"- because It think that is the ultimate form of worship and adoration.

    Great post!!

  2. Dance is such a wonderful thing to watch if it is done by talented performers. Nice shots!

  3. Dance is such a wonderful thing to watch if it is done by talented performers. Nice shots!

  4. I have learnt the Bharatnatyam for 4 years when I was in scholl, and thankfully I have started again, now when I am 27! It is indeed liberating in all ways. And those pics in this post, marvellous!!

    1. Oh cool. That's good that you are continuing.


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