A Quick Update!

It is very surprising to look back and notice that almost three months are nearing completion in this year. What has kept me busy apart from editing my blog posts on the North-East trip, are my French classes and DELF exams.

In January I finished my A1P2 of French studies and decided to appear for the DELF exam which are the official French proficiency tests. Thanks to our teacher for encouraging us to take the exam that most of us in the class appeared for the test. She believed in us more than we did in ourselves I guess. J During one of the last few days of class we treated our teacher at Café noir. The cafe owner was happy to speak with us in French. I gifted this painting for our teacher whom I consider is one of those best teachers I have had.

After our classes we had two weeks of break to prepare for the exam which was very easy.
Our A2P1 batch started on 25th of Feb. New class came with new teacher and new friends. The class strength is 23 and is very diverse in nature. Age varies from 10th grade school goers to middle aged home makers. The class is full of many interesting people with interesting hobbies like wannabe iron man to designers and musicians.
Six of us who had continued from previous class found this class to be larger in size – 23 v/s 8 previously. But as weekends passed by we all got to know each other very well. Thanks to the Fete de francophonie happening at AFB which is bringing us all together with several group activities lined up.
In-between the classes, the Oscars kept introduced me to some good cinema. The Descendants, Midnight in Paris, Hugo, The ides of march, Margin call and Extremely loud and incredibly close are my favorites. Meryl streep deserved the award for a brilliant performance.
à bientôt
PS – I passed my Delf A1 with great scores. :-)


  1. Nice painting.

    I am not sure why my blog is not showing recent updates from your posts.


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