Ramadevara Betta and Revansiddeshwara!

My wife P and I were joined by my cousins and their friends for a trek to two hills in Ramanagara on the 2nd of April. We left home at 6:00 AM and reached Revannasiddeshwara Betta base by around 7:00 AM and started climbing the hill immediately. While driving from Bangalore, the road to the hill turns left from Ramanagara just past the Mini Vidhanasaoudha.

The trek is pretty easy and seemed a very short one to all of us. Of course I was here once before in 2009 and new the place well. We reached the top by 8:00 AM were some other devotees waited for the priest to come and open the temple doors. The monkeys bothered the visitors by dragging away their foods; hence we decided to have our breakfast somewhere at the base. We walked down; drove a nice place by a lake filled with lily and had our packed food. A care taker of a nearby Mango groove traded few raw mangoes for some pickle that he would later, I believe will relish along with the alcohol. We drove to Ramadevarabetta, near the town (When driving from Mysore its a left turn just after the town...From Bangalore, an arch can be seen on right just after Gausiya college). It’s a nice ride till the gate and around 500 steps lead you up the hill. On the way we spotted this cool place exactly similar to the 127 Hours type and we tried some experiments like Aron Ralston.

After the flight of steps you reach an open area with two temples (Rama and Shiva) and a lake surrounded by more rocks. We climbed the one on the right as it had well defined trail. It had some steep elevations at the summit. The view from the top as usual was mesmerizing.

I was thrilled with the thought of climbing the rock on the left, as it did not seem to have a well defined path up the summit. My cousin N and I began this adventure as the ladies rested at the open area. We found a trial that ended some distance gone and then, we experimented with the route to get to top which was very exciting. The rocks lay there one hugging other, one overlapping the other and the place reminded me of the adventures of Aron Ralston more than ever. We found a trial to return and followed it to the temple.

Our next stop was good lunch at Kamath. Karavali Otta was a treat with several Mangalore dishes like Pathrodey and sheme begin served. Next to the hotel is a cultural museum with some artifacts from centuries before. It also has good collection of photos and models depicting different art forms around our state. A folk video was being shot here. It was a mix of emotions there. The villagers who had come to perform were innocent and some like many artists, overly sentimental. A organizers with sugar coated words took advantage of their sentiments, a director corrected their positions and body language.

We next drove to Doddalada mara, which is a huge banyan tree spread across a vast land now converted into a park. We had one stroll around there and having nothing much to see, we drove to Manchebelle dam.

The dam is closed to visitors but we hoped to drive by the backwaters to watch the sunset but unfortunately on that day and on national holidays even the road to backwaters is closed. Two police constables stood there to stop people. Seeing an hour more to sunset, we returned back home.

It was a great day and I was happy to have covered a lot of places around Bangalore.