La Mauvaise Foi

La liberté est ce que vous faites avec ce qui a été fait à vous.   (Freedom is what you do with what has been done to you) - Jean-Paul Sartre.   You try to wake up on time every morning. Sometimes you have had a good sleep, sometimes you haven’t, because you were anxious. You try to finish your morning routine as early as possible because you have to leave home by 8AM; to reach office by 9 AM. Office, a place where you spend at least 9 hours of your day, working on things that you probably do not even make use of. But they are important, because they are owned by someone else and they would sell it to other people and make money. You will have to help them make that money because a tiny fraction of that money becomes your salary. There is another person above you, whose primary job is to manage you and make sure you work as intended. You aspire to be that person someday, as he on the other hand, aspires to be the person above him. 

Simple Things!

Sometimes I wonder, what makes few trips interesting, in spite of it not including any great journey; perhaps its the unexpectedness and company of like-minded people. If you may pick certain trips of yours and try to think why they were special, then those events standout that you did not plan and has involved people who did not think about the decisions made, they readily agreed! So was this small adventurous journey to a temple, near Rajarajeshwari nagar, close to NICE road.

The temple is by the NICE road and I had always wanted to go there, a small temple recently built on a small hill, that during the evenings has sunset in its backdrop which enriches its beauty further more. When I expressed my desire to visit the temple, everyone in our office cab readily agreed. So we planned to stop at NICE road one day with the intention to walk up there. But for our surprise we saw that the NICE road is built in such a way that a huge compound wall separates people from trespassing. So we are left with only one option, jump!

After evaluating the best spot for jumping, we began climbing down the slopes. It was great fun to see everyone so eagerly wanting to do this and nobody showed any hesitation. After that great display of enthusiasm, we all jumped past the NICE road compound and walked up the hill to visit the temple.

It is a small Maariamma temple with a very beautiful idol of the goddess, even more gracefully decorated. The temple is built in form of a chariot, made of granite.

After enjoying the view of sunset in the west, full moon in the east and some tasty Puliogre prasada, we walked back to the cab.

The incident left a good impression in our minds and we wanted to do this again. So we stopped yesterday but while crossing over, we got spotted by the NICE road patrol who asked us to clear the premises but however allowed us to pass over the compound. This time we also visited the Subramanya temple close by, that has beautiful sculptures of lord Karthikeya in its Gopura. Even though not the main attraction, I do have to mention the amazingly tasty Sweet and spicy pongal that is served here as Prasad, they were just too brilliant.

Though this was another funny and memorable experience we decided not to violate the rules again though doing so has always been a fun as a teenager and perhaps still does, but as grownup’s we are more “expected” to abide by the law. :-)

But this trip was worth all that adventure. :-)

Thanks To My Friend Shankh for the pictures!


  1. I have seen this temple many a times while driving through that stretch, but yet to visit (yet to break the rules.. lol).

  2. Wow, the sunset pictures are really beautiful :)

    Can't agree with you more on "the unexpectedness and company of like-minded people". That's totally what makes a trip or a journey interesting as you are not sure what you will see or meet, and who you will develop great friendship or something more :)


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