Varied Interests!

One of an honest reader of my blog, mentioned to me other day that my writing is going through, what he believes, is a transition in my nature. They are becoming less descriptive and more surface level treatment of incidents and it seems to be losing those characterizations which he believes, was prominent earlier. Can’t agree any less with him.

Just when I was beginning to think in similar lines, I had this very timely feedback from a friend. I know that it is true and I know that I have been deviating into way too many things. But a trip to Turuvekere and Lepakshi has brought back in me, those natures of extreme fondness to observe and know people and their culture. Before I write about these trips, I have some more information’s to cover in this post.

My principles have always kept me away from competitions and hence I even backed off from being a contestant in midnight marathon for some other excited friends. The sheer joy of having company to jog was all I anticipated in the practice sessions and fun run at the marathon. With the marathon time gone, many lost interest in continuing the jog. But some of us, who thought that continuing this, would be a good way to keep fit and easier with likeminded people, have made this a regular. So we have started what we call as “the joggers club”. We leave office 15 minutes earlier than the time and jog around 2.5 Kms and board our respective cabs on the way.

Three of us have also started to bicycle our way to office (40KM). We take the Kanakpura route to Harohalli and then to Bidadi. The ride begins at around 5:10 AM from our home with a traffic less ride on Kanakpura road watching the initial rays of dawn, the sunrise, stopping for a cup of tea with a piece of cake and beautiful serene village life. The road that connects the Kanakpura road to Bidadi passes through small villages with streets covered with Raagi harvest left for wheels to separate the seeds, lazy dogs stretching their legs, curious villagers where men are just waking up and women have already began their cleaning or cooking activities and kids are getting ready with their school uniforms.

While returning back it is a whole new scene all together. The villagers are still busy with their work, the kids are returning home from their schools and race with us at times or happily wave at us or at least mention - “gear cycle!” with all the excitement. A stop for few tender coconuts and another for some hot tasty Maggie brings us to busy city premises packed with frustrated people either on an automobile or by foot, returning from a tiring day and are always in a hurry.

I love to cycle. As a kid I used to rent a bicycle for an hour and take a ride by the beach (Forbidden area for kids); I would try new streets that were unknown till I had ridden on them. My father’s denial to buy me a bicycle had disappointed me…but not anymore! :-)
Well if that is about the physical fitness, our office cab has a collection of artists now. Three of us sketch/ paint, so it’s always fun to discuss with likeminded people about their style, their resources and their preference in art. Each one of us have a distinct style in art. So the drive to office is filled with knowledge sharing. Thanks to them, I have been introduced to the software called – Magic brush and these are paintings from the software application on a cell phone, done using a stylus.

Over these interactions and happenings, I have realized one thing that for someone like me with varied interests, there are many people around whom we meet and who have some of my hobbies in common and it may be impossible and improper to look for only one such individual. World is filled with wonderful people and everyone is gifted in their own way! And some of those common cords connect through friendship.


  1. I'd like to believe that a great level of change in one's writing happens as a result of many instances in one's life!

  2. I like the spirit you have to live your hobbies & interests.

  3. This is the kind of writing which I associate with you and which has always kept me glued to your blog.
    Thank you for gratefully accepting my suggestions and inculcating the same with this blog.

  4. Rakesh - True.

    Mak - Thanks.

    Vishwas - Thanks to you.

  5. "World is filled with wonderful people and everyone is gifted in their own way! And some of those common cords connect through friendship."
    Very well said Ajeya.

    Btw, since my return from India, I've been spending the past few weeks quite a bit of my time bicycling by the beach sides, and to the extent that I neglected blogging for a while. Varied interests, yes.;)

  6. Ajeya :) Great painting using mobile :), Want to see some more of those

  7. I wish I cud draw and paint again...pheww...I hardly get time for myself.

    I was a fitness freak bfore my daughter was born but now I guess i am too lazy for anything....dat has resulted me wid putting over 15 kgs and left me wid thyroid. A post on it to come soon :(

    An appeal to all -Plz exercise and eat healthy:)

  8. Thanks Celina - True, varied interest. Sometimes you need a break from some of your hobbies perhaps it helps it revive. ;-) I am glad you are back home and get to bicycle at the beach. Have a nice vacation.

    Subbu - Thanks. Sure. :-)

    Anu- Sorry to hear that. Hope you are fine now. how is purvi doing?

  9. Your articles are inspiring.Even though it has lost some kind of charm in between i think it has picked up well again from this post...


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