We had a weeklong vacation for Kannada Rajyothava and Deepavali. After returning from Sira, rest of the days was spent at home relaxing. I painted this peacock for a friend who expressed a desire to have one of my paintings.

My bush beans have yielded several pods and the Sevanthige flowers have blossomed all together.

After playing shuttle badminton all day Wednesday (3rd) at a friend’s township indoor stadium, I set off on a long drive to Coimbatore on Thursday morning. It was surprising to find the roads so well (4 lane) from Bangalore to almost near Avinashi. The roads are very good and it reminded me of my drives in the US, I covered the 350KMs in 6 hours with only two stops, one for breakfast and other for fuel.

Captured some fireworks from the terrace.

Malampuzha dam (near palghat) is a nice place with some spectacular view of the Western Ghats.


  1. Nice painting Ajeya. It's been a long time since I heard the word 'Sevanthige':)
    Chrysanthemums, right?

  2. Thanks Celina. Yes its Chrysanthemums

  3. You paint so well! That is a subject I suffered through the school, can't draw and paint at all! Thank God for cameras.

  4. Wow nice painting Ajeya :)
    Didn't know you are quite the artist!

  5. A very interesting update!

    On the painting - brilliant job!

  6. Awesome painting Ajeya. Let me tell that the actual paiting looks more beautiful than the picture. i wish i too get one of your next.

    During previous trip to Kerala, we stayed at the Malapuzha dam guest house. Very beautiful place.

  7. Good pictures of firecrackers. Letter A shows up.

  8. Very beautiful painting Ajeya,, And the photos of burst of crackers in the sky has come out so clear.. which camera u use??

    i drew a rangoli in front of my house today..think i was inspired by ur painting :) Check out my latest blog.

  9. All...Thanks....Quills, i use Canon S5iS.


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