Busy Days!

The month went by with lot of events, lot of work; finished the Office sports magazine. The last edition covered the thoughts of all the writers and I am happy the way it came out.

We went to Mangalore during the end of November to attend some functions, one of which was Bhoota Kola (Holy Spirit worship). I got to watch the art of Kola very closely, how everything is still made using naturally available items such as tender coconut leaves, banana sap as threads. I wish to return back to this art form with great detail again and will record them extensively in the future. In this visit I closely observed them make those ornaments of the leaves, the process of getting possessed and the patri’s discussing about gold ornaments that they had just ordered, other performance booked for the year and recent visit to putaparthi to present their art form.

Even though Kola is more than just an art form and involves a belief that the patri is possessed by the Holy Spirit who has the capability to answer your queries being a voice of the Holy Spirit, I still saw it just as an art form that I wished would never get extinct.

Back at work the days were extremely busy with work and late night meetings that kept me away from the blog world. But during that was happening another interesting event took place – The midnight marathon. A few of us at office got together and started to practice for the marathon, we ran around 5Kms daily by 32 Mins. The team spirit and company was the most exciting of all and on the final day (Dec-11) it was great participation from many of us. I ran for the fun marathon and completed it within half an hour. We were there all night till the other events happened. In the morning, some of us drove to Chikamagalur for a friend’s engagement.

Pictures from Midnight Marathon


  1. The art for sure looks very colorful and interesting.

  2. Hi Mridula... Those pics are from mid night marathon and not the Bhoota kola. I will publish the Kola pictures sometime later when i have better one's.


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