Kuppalli & Kundadri Hills

My office team is a very interesting group. There could be two reasons for this, one - A bunch of likeminded people have been carefully picked in this team or maybe we all have influenced one another so much. Most of us have joined during the same time and are of almost the same age, so we get along well and our team is great when it comes to hobbies – Photography, sports, writing, trekking, creative art, paintings and many more. So it’s always fun to have team outings with this group. This time we choose – Kuppalli.

Subbu and I had been here in February this year and we decided that this place would be a good destination during the rains for our official team-outing.

We left Bangalore at around 8:00 PM on Aug5th. The bus journey was fun, with us ragging the new joiners for fun eventually making them feel comfortable with our group.

At around 5:30 AM we reached Kuppalli and checked into the rooms available at the centenary hall. Three cottages and a dormitory were booked and these are very less expensive and very well maintained. We walked to the Kavishaila and sat there for a while looking at the mesmerizing view. On my journal, I noted down few thoughts.

After breakfast, we went to the poet’s house and then to Kundadri hills (30Km from Theerthahalli). Cars and small vehicles can drive up to the top but our bus had to stop around 3.5 kms before summit. The trek was very nice with light drizzles. Once at the summit, we relaxed watching the awesome view. Clouds covered the view below, but with one blow of wind the clouds, like a curtain in a drama, uncovered and then covered back the view.

This One Almost Bit Me!

After relaxing there for a while, we returned back to the Bus, had lunch at theerthhalli and then drove back to the lodge. Rest of the evening, we relaxed chatting and laughing at things such as stories from US trips, old funny office events which we have repeated thousands of times, but still makes us laugh at it in a same way like we did at the first time. A good dinner summarized the day.

Next morning, we woke up to a very bad news. One of our colleagues lost his brother in a fatal accident. I accompanied him back to Bangalore while the others sadly moved ahead to Jog falls before they would return to Bangalore. I left to Bangalore with my friend at 8:00 Am and reached by 2:00 PM. It was a trip filled with waves of emotions – nostalgia dominated all of them. By end of this trip, like all others, there was a good internal change.

Thanks to my friends for the lovely pictures!


  1. Lucky you to have a team like that and the place and the rains look beautiful.

  2. Must have been a wonderful trip, but for the sad incident that surely clouded a lot of good!

  3. My sincere and heartfelt condolences to the grieving family!

  4. You are lucky to have such a nice team. Superb malnad pics. Happy independence day :-)

  5. Mridula - Yep! :-)

    Rakesh - Yes, it did.

    Pooja - Thanks, wish you the same!

  6. Sounds like a good time. Except for the last part:( My condolences..

  7. Wow, a heartfelt post.
    Glad to hear u have a nice crew who shares similar interests.

    Nice pictures and and and... it's a scorpion in action!

  8. Kish - Yes!

    Edmund - Thanks. Hey ya. I was about to stamp on the scorpion when i saw it and it was ready to do its part. thanks god for missing it.

  9. How did you make room bookings at centenary hall? Can you give me details.

  10. How did you make room bookings at centenary hall? Can you give me details

  11. How did you make room bookings at centenary hall? Can you give me details


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