The Blind Side - A Synopsis

A few days back I watched this incredible movie called – The Blind Side. What I liked the most in this movie is the character of Sandra Bullock (For which she won Oscars this year); A human with immense strength to take decisions that she believes in, yet being very thoughtful and rightful of it; to control all the emotions that may make her seem weak yet be righteous in all her duty.

The Blind Side is a story, a true story of an American family adopting an African-American homeless boy and providing him a home that he would otherwise never have experienced.

There are few scenes that are truly amazing. Reaction of Sandra when she hears the Boy say – I have never ever had a bed for myself. She gives a thoughtful pause and then says – Well; now, you have one. She walks into her room, shuts the door and sits in a chair looking at the wall, silently thinking. I think that one scene defines the character of that woman, strong and how she wants to control the sentiments yet cannot stop ponder upon the cruel reality of life.

Another scene - after she has invited the boy to stay at her place, she wonders if she did the right thing, would the boy steal? Did she make the proper decision? I think everyone take impulsive decisions and then wonder whether the decision is correct or not.

A scene where she teaches Michael how to protect the team as he would protect the family is an amazing one and another where she collects opinions from her daughter on adopting Michael is very thoughtful and righteous thing she does.

The movie keeps American football as its center point and how the family encourages and influences the boy in the game.

The supporting cast is amazing too, the youngest in the family, SJ who supports Michael's training is sweet; truly a worth watching, inspiring film, not to be missed.


  1. Let me see if I can catch it too.

  2. I agree! This movie was amazing!

  3. Mridula - Sure.

    Katie -Yup!

  4. Sounds like an awesome watch! Will do! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I watched that video. I had a very good time watching it. It is an amazing movie. You all should watch this movie. It is worth watching.

  6. Well, that's a fabulous preview to a movie...Thomas

  7. Anu NagarajJuly 23, 2010

    True ,a very inspiring movie..loved it..
    Liked u're review too..

  8. This is in my list of Must-Watch Movies.

  9. This is actually a wonderful light-hearted movie!!
    And Sandra rightfully deserved Oscar for her role!


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