Agumbe & Theerthahalli - 02

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Kuppali is around 30kms from Theerthahalli and is the birth place of legendary Kannada poet/novelist, Kuvempu. We got down at the main road from where we had to walk around 1.5 kms to the centenary hall which also has several rooms for overnight stay. Unfortunately there was some program and hence all the rooms were booked. Disappointed we walked to Kuvempu’s house, a magnificent three storied house with Mangalore style tiled roof. The house is now a museum preserving the author’s belongings.

After a walk around the house, buying a book and requesting the KSRTC bus driver for a drop till main road, we walked to “Kavishaila”, memorial of the poet…on a hill top, also a beautiful sunset/sunrise point that is believed to have inspired him many a times. The pathway and the place have been masterfully modified without affecting the original beauty, with some stone pillars which look very much belonging to the sight.

We sat there observing the sun set and a group of teachers (I guess) interrupting the silence that a place like that needs. Anyway, their talks kept us engaged and we also got to see an overly impressed lady who with her unchanging expressions made us wonder if she was impressed or depressed, we named her “Kalpana” remembering the famous Kannada actress most of whose movies are extremely sentimental.

After viewing the beautiful sunset, we walked back to the house, boarded the bus and got dropped till the main road, where we had some not so good Mangalore buns and tea. We reached Theerthahalli at around 8 and checked into a hotel. Tired by the entire day’s activity we took a short nap till 9 and then walked to Hotel Mayura for Dinner. The waiter laughed at our orders like, juice before and ice cream after dinner. Classical music from the Marikamba temple fest kept the background score running, during the dinner.

Next morning, I got up at around 7, only to find the town like 5 Am in Bangalore. We freshened up and walked to the Rameshwara temple, a beautiful ancient temple. A walk along the Tunga River was refreshing.

Next stop was “Bheemana Katte.”; we took a bus to Ranji katte and boarded an auto to the place. The driver asked – “Whose house?” we said – “Bheema’s.” :-) He dropped us at the Bheemeshwara Mutt. We entered the mutt and could here loud chants. Swamis were performing the daily rituals and pooja. One of them was very kind to tell us about the mutt and the village. He informed that Bheema had built a crossing out of rocks on the Tunga river and hence the name. He also recommended that we have lunch there before we left. Even though his invite was very tempting, we had to leave early so we decided to come back again to taste the food at mutt.

After viewing the Bheemana katte, Bheemeshwara temple and a suspension bridge we walked back to Ranji katte. On the way we stopped at a house to have water and jaggery. It is a custom in Mangalore and Malnad to offer water and some jaggery to anyone who comes home thirsty. My grandmother used to say that the jaggery would cease the thirst; the tradition now remains only in villages.

At main road we took an auto to the town, packed our bags and left to Shivamoga. Had tasty Biryani at a restaurant in Shivamoga and boarded another bus to Bangalore at around 2:30 and reached Bangalore at 9:30 Pm.

The trip was unexpected and unplanned with us just flowing with the surprises that places and people bring and hence this will remain as one more of those memorable trips.


  1. Those greens, sunset and the temple top looks fabulous.

  2. My my! That house, mansion rather, looks awesome!

    Fantastic pictures, as always!

  3. Sometimes, the best thing about a trip is the food:):)
    I'm sure you'll remember that biryani for years to come.

  4. wow wow wow~ Awesome photo series indeed!! inspiring!
    laughed @"made us wonder if she was impressed or depressed" lol

  5. Great description of the trip Ajeya. Nice place to visit, I hope the poet's house is preserved well.

  6. Mridula & Rakesh - True...

    Kishore - Exactly. :-)

    Niki - Hey Niki....Yes it was kind of confusing....she did not look sad or neither exactly concentrating on the sunset..LOL

    Indrani - Oh is well maintained thankfully.

  7. Great work with the lens!

  8. I like the traditional architectural style of Kuvempu's house, and the picture of the sun setting is fabulous!

  9. Thank you, that was extremely valuable and interesting...I will be back again to read more on this topic.

  10. Hello Ajeya,

    In your blog you have mentioned about 'Ranji Katte'.

    Actually it is "Ranjada Katte". If you cross the hanging bride near the river, you could see an amazing green world !

    I belong to that place - I love to go there.


  11. Hi Nagashree...Oh is it? Will correct that. Good to hear from you. Did not know you were from there.


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