I intended to write something other than traveling this time, something about the happenings; something more personal; about something that I thought or felt but travel does not seem to leave me.

We had a team outing from office to Doddamakali jungle lodges (One of the three in the same belt along river Cauvery- others being Beemeshvari and Galibore). It’s always fun to be out along with our team because I feel that we are a group with lot of likeminded people and that’s what makes it special.

In two tempo travelers we started off to Kanakpura, watching movies and chatting we reached the busy town at around 10:15 AM. We had breakfast at hotel Vasu which was extremely crowded. A villager standing next to me had warnings about the place we were about to visit. He suggested we not swim as many have drowned in the river Cauvery and he kept narrating several stories. Kanakpura to Shimshapura and then 3 km of mud road to the resort, we were at Doddamakali at around 11 AM.

After a quick welcome drink and settling some confusion with the authorities who were not informed of our booking, we set off on a trek around the resort. The place is nice, with some greenery and elegantly flowing river.

Rest of the day after a nice lunch, was spent swimming. I was happy to reuse my learning’s from the Honnemardu trip. Thanks to Nomitha for teaching us to swim with life jackets on. Next, we rented a bicycle to ride around; played volleyball and cards.

Doddamakali is a nice place to spend a day. It may be better to go there during the rafting season. 


  1. just went there this fav fishing camp is galibore

  2. btw, where you with the nokia team ? the team that was playing cricket in the forest ?

  3. :-) Nope! we went there on Dec11th Friday. Would have you recognized you else. :-)

  4. I agree that just about any place is OK as long as someone else is paying the bills, or it better has to be Kinnaur! :D

  5. Muft is always BEST :-)...

    BTW, next time you are there at Galibore, Bheemeshwari or Doddamakkali, swim or take a boat to the opposite bank and try to explore that terrain. Should be a total new experience unlike the very well organized and laid out package provided by the jungle lodges.

  6. Mridula - :-) Totally better be kinnaur or pelling. :-)

    Sankara - Sure! Yes indeed, infact there is a very nice hill on the otherside, they call it Anna thamma gudda and supposed to be a beautiful trekk. should do that sometime.

  7. dude... seriously... where do u work? how r u so lucky... god dammit i knew i chose the wrong career!

    hey but seriously... let me know of some nice place around chennai which i can go check out na.

  8. :-) No I am not a driver for a tours and travels. :-))) Well i am not so familiar with places around chennai but may be i can look for. Will let you know

  9. Brilliant, as ever!

    I've been away from my fellow bloggers and their blogs for a long time now and feel disconnected....! Feels good to be back!

    Wishing you and folks a merry Christmas and a very happy new year!

  10. Awesome Bro. Like many others, I've just returned to blogging. I see that you've got alot of nice pictures and loved the sea of clouds that you have in your Kumara Parvatha post. Wish you and your family will have a safe, heathy, and prosperous Christmas! :)

  11. Edmund- Welcome back! Very happy to see you return. been a loooong time. How have you been? What kept you away?

    Rakesh - Welcome back

  12. Yeah, it's been a lonnnng time that has kept myself away - a long story, but am glad to see that you are keeping up with your posts and awesome pictures! Lookin forward to catching up with your older posts and your upcoming entries! Happy new year to you and family^^


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