Back....& Happy To Be!!!!

That I think was a long break….Until I finally realized that break does not do good always, especially to me, where writing is not just a hobby but a medical prescription that I should take my entire life. I missed blog and I missed writing and how wrong I was to take a break thinking that I am busy; it’s when I am loaded with interesting things that i need to write; idle mind can only create confusions.

Anyways, I had a wonderful month….Boss from US came over to India and I travelled with him to Mysore and coorg, a detailed account is to follow soon. Weekends are filled with sports events and I enjoyed my shuttle badminton games and of course covering all the major events on my articles in the office sports weekly magazine of which I am a co-editor too.

Watched couple of good movies and was moved by some. Went to a photo exhibition where some of my friends had their amazing photographs displayed; met a couple of friends whom in the maze of personal activities, I had lost touch with for a while. But most of all what bothered me was my break itself….it took me a while to realize that break does not do good to me. I lost myself to thoughts that brought happiness, confusions and dilemma all at the same time. Hence my conclusion is that my best break is while I am writing; while I am summarizing my life, my thoughts into something meaningful than allowing it to wander. I leave for now with the synopsis of a good movie I watched recently – Happy Go Lucky. 

Poppy, a sweet girl from London is always happy and tries to bring a smile on everyone around, something that comes to her naturally. Everybody falls in love with her smile, her jokes and her fun; nobody can hardly ignore her vibrant personality. She tries new things and takes everything as part of fun. One day she decides to learn driving and guess what? Her instructor is a snob, arrogant man in his late 30’s. Initially he is irritated by her jovial nature but later enjoys her company; meanwhile Poppy falls in love with a man who compensates her lacking and handles her intentional childishness in a sensible manner. But what she does not know is that the driving instructor is also in love with her happy-go-lucky personality. When he misbehaves during a class and shares his jealousy about her affair, she decides to stop the course and never see him again. Very last scene in the movie is where Poppy and her friend are on a boat and her friend says – “You can’t make everyone happy, Poppy”.

“But it’s worth giving a try” Poppy replies and giggles her way unchanged by cracking few more jokes.


  1. Ajeya I 100% agree that taking a break from writing is not a good idea for some people.

    Good to see you back and hear about the lot of activities you have done!

  2. Welcome back! Its good to see U after what seemed very long!

  3. Bren - Thanks

    Mridula - True.

    Rakesh - Thanks

  4. Couldn't agree more:) Writing is a lovely outlet isn't it?
    welcome back.

  5. Kish - true....and i am glad to be back.

  6. I liked your blog very much. I appreciate for your beautiful presentation. Lovely and interesting post.
    You are welcome in my blogs.

  7. Babli....Thanks and welcome to my blog

  8. Its true sometime you do not always enjoy a break and especially if you love blogging. Blogging I feel is like a Computer game like.. Age of Empires or something. only better as it is a creative outlet.

  9. Namita - Agreed...And Age of Empires is the only game i play
    :-). It involves one so much aint it? Such a nice comparison. Welcome here.

  10. this hello comes after a long time Ajeya. Although i am not able to blog much yet i find time to read my fav blogs :)

    Welcome back!!


  11. Anu...Glad to see you around. When i returned back from break i saw no update on your blog, so was worried if i had lost a blo friend to hectic times. But glad to see you too. :-) Yu should write a few lines one in a while, its not that hard. Please do.

  12. hmmm i want to be like that happy-go-lucky girl :D
    and we like your good spirit too ajeya chan!!
    great to see your blog again.

  13. Niki - Good to see you...Ya she is an interesting character. :-) I somehow think you might be like her.

  14. ya I will. missed reading ur blog, plz start posting again :)


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