Flowers - 2

Was in Surathkal this weekend. Had an eventful vacation and lots to share. One of the things I did at home was capturing pictures of some more flowers blooming around my house added to my previous post on Flowers.

As before, I am not sure of English names for some of them. So please help me name some of these.

Ixora coccinea, (Jungle Geranium, Flame of the Woods and Jungle Flame) ....Kiskara or Kepalla in Kannada

Plumeria (Frangipani...Champa Flower in Hindi) ....Go Sampige in Kannada

Rosaceae (Rose)...Gulabi in Kannada

Catharanthus roseus (Madagascar Periwinkle).....Sadha Pushpa in Kannada

Thevetia peruviana (Mexican oleander).... Karaveera in Kannada

Kopsia fruticosa (Shrub Vinca)... Nandi Batalu in Kannada

Clitoria Ternata (Butterfly pea)...Shanka Pushpa in Kannada

Mussaenda erythophylla (Pink Mussaenda)


  1. Brilliant shots...... very rich in colour and perspective!

  2. Great spring compilation .... What made more special was those Kannada namezzz ...... Smart work Ajay !!!

  3. Rakesh - Thankx

    Final Transit - Yep...Welcome Colours!

    Rahul - Thankx.

  4. So lucky that you are able to live in a house. Most of us have to be content living in flats.
    Lovely compilation of flowers.
    The blue flower is a morning glory and the last one is a Mazanta in English too.

  5. Vamsee- Ya..I live in a Flat in Bangalore too. But these pictures are from my house in Mangalore.

    Well its not Morning Glory but I just found out that it is called - Clitoria ternata (Butterfly pea)

  6. Beautiful collection of flowers.

  7. First time to your blog. Excellent photos :)

  8. Rajesh - Thx

    Dot - Welcome here! thx

  9. i'v seen flower # 3,4, and 6 in khi... Dun recall seeing the rest of them.. but i do carry a sense of familiarity with the all of them.. *Great collection*

  10. bendtherulzMay 12, 2009

    beautiful and lucky you....!! Loved the last shot.

    Plumeria is also called as "Frangipani".

  11. Nice flowers.Congratulations!

  12. Nice pictures Ajeya!
    I am trying to set up a website for virtual poojas... I have a list of sacred tree leaf and flower names, would you be able to take pictures of them? I will pay for the photos.
    Thanks, Raj

  13. Raj - Sure why not. The vitual pooja concept appears to be a interesting one. Do emali me at i would like to know more about your site.

  14. AnonymousJune 12, 2013

    Thank you for giving the kannada name for Thevetia Peruviana. i have found one such shrub near my house and have written to Horticulture dept to preserve it and give it its botanical identity by erecting a fence aroudn it. While searchign for its kannada name on Google the first link was your blog



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