My house in Surathkal is a resort to several birds. When I return to Mangalore…from a tired & busy life in Bangalore it’s a retreat I most await; far away from the crowd of selfish humans; to something more part of nature. Several birds are seen flying from one tree to another during this season; especially on the Tamarind tree. Almost every bird has a stop on it. This interest to capture their pictures has led to more curiosity in me, about them. So please let me know the scientific or English names for the birds that visit my house; help me identify them!

Update : Thanks to Arun for identifying most of them! Please help me find the name of the Yellow Bird!

Magpie Robin

Oriole (Thanks to Vamsee for identifying this)

Purple Sunbird

Paradise Flycatcher

Red Whiskred Bulbul

Cattle Egret (Non Breeding Plumage)

White Cheeked Barbet

Black Drongo (Thanks to my Sis for identifying this)

Female Asian Koel ...Cuckoo (Thanks to P for identifying this)

Jungle Babbler


  1. You are so lucky to be so close to nature! I've been to Mangalore a number of times, it is a place very close to my heart!

    One feels very relaxed and rejuvenated in the company of such wonders!

  2. AnonymousMay 12, 2009

    The birds, in their order of appearance:

    Magpie Robin, -unknown-, purple sunbird, paradise flycatcher, red whiskred bulbul, egret, white cheeked barbet, black drongo, female asian koel, jungle babbler.

  3. Lovely to have a home and garden that are visited by so many birds.
    Arun got all the names right. The second picture looks like an oriole and the paradise flycatcher looks like a female juvenile.

  4. Rakesh - True.

    Arun - Thanks a ton...Got to find the yello bird now!

    Vamsee - Thanks.. Oriole seems right, will check that.

    Ana - Thanks. Welcome!

  5. Thats so cool you have so many birds around your place! :) And Arun and Vamsee are talented indeed.... if you'd asked me, I'd have said "yellow bird", "blue bird" etc, LOL

  6. Priyank - :-) I wouldnt do any better either. :-) But thanks to some friends here, we know more now on bIrds.

    Rahul - :-) Yep. We have abt 70 cense land around our house that have several trees. Unfortunately the paddy fields are sold; the forests are being reduced for some construction...Hence we find a lot of Peacocks come to our Thota as well.
    I wrote here on what’s happening around my house.

    And this recent trip to home gave me a solution to preserve these species. I am planning to plant more trees around my house soon.

  7. Wow! You have so many in your bird kitty. :)

  8. Wow, many species of birds

  9. AnonymousMay 18, 2009

    what an awesome post!!
    look like u were in paradise. sooo envy!

  10. Indrani & Dot - Thanks.

    Niki - :-) Welocme back. Wer have you been?

  11. Ajay, nice snaps. I never knew that Surtkal is home for so many birds being so close to Mangalore. It is good to know these pretty birds are still around the city.

  12. Maravillosas aves.
    Te invito a opinar en mi blog...

  13. Pedro..I think u will have to translate that 4 me! :-) Will checkout your blog. Welcome here

  14. Beautiful collection of birds. We have some here but I can never capture them as beautiful as you. Another amazing blog, I'll link you up so I can visit often. Have a great week :P

  15. Mkate - Thanks...welcome here

  16. Thanks for showing the birds that live around you! There must be quite a noise in the mornings when they are wake up! Your flowers are beautiful also! It is so delightful to meet people like you who live in other places but share the same love of nature!

  17. Ajeya, good morning. How nice of you to visit my blog and leave a's wonderful how we can link into new blogs from all over no?! Unbelievable that you can enjoy these birds in your very own backyard.
    Hope it's okay to add myself to your Follower list. I was truly touched by your heart wrenching story of sad.
    Lynn (NJ)

  18. Lynn...Thanks for stopping by. Sure, my adding you too. Yes internet is simply great! thanks to it we can connect to like minded people across the globe. Keep visiting.

  19. Flower - its music in the morning actually. :-) Well this is in my hometown, i go there once a month to see my parents.

  20. niki yokotaJune 01, 2009

    sorry ajeya chan.
    i went to west japan three times recently.
    missed you a lot! thanku and hugzzz


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