These are two of my creations from previous weekend. Certainly not a masterpiece, but remaining pieces of my hobbies. :-) I think the painting goes well with the story too.


He watched the screen, as it changed the display one after another; as it altered lights and colors one above another. His eyes glued to them and meanwhile, outside twilight slowly faded away.
Several images formed on the screen, displayed vibrant and sometimes blur ones. And suddenly it happened; something that does not happen always; the screen turned mirror. He was not looking through the screen anymore, but the screen (now turned mirror) began to look through him. He felt transparent; an uncomfortable feeling began to shadow him. Mirrors cannot be pleasant always, especially when they dig deep into you. It showed now, images that were unheeded, that lay somewhere in the dark side, in someplace untouched. But the reflections brought them all back.

Slowly after a while the mirror turned back into a screen. It displayed colors new, unknown to him yet and he began to look through the screen. It showed something bright, something which is perhaps possible. His eyes tried to merge with the reflections from it, there began a blending of thoughts and then there was darkness. There was nothing more to see or say.

He sat in the dark watching the curtains flutter with the wind from a fan and dim lights from the street flowing into the room, gracefully illuminating the darkness. Silence (Except the sound of fan blades thinning out the wind) became enjoyable and his mind reached a point of complete emptiness. He felt that his emotions were nothing unique or exceptional but a commonly shared occurrence with at least a few (If not many); somewhere beyond that screen.

For at least sometime after this screen to mirror and back to screen thing happened to him; he felt lighter as though a major burden had driven away.


  1. wonderfully expressed..and u have some amazing talent..I tried writing sthg a while ago on the similar lines..in fact written quite a bit on this..here is one if u are intd - http://hermonologues.blogspot.com/2008/09/mirror.html

  2. Very Nice Lakshmi...Liked the story you wrote. You have used a mirror in a different way than i have.

  3. Nice story and your sketch does compliment it :)

  4. That is what is TALENT!!
    You modest creature!

  5. Final Transit - Thanks.

    Indrani - :-) Haha...Thanks

  6. Oh My! you are sooo talented!!
    the picture looks very professional :)
    how did u improve your english? look like a perfect story ajeya chan.

  7. Niki - Thanks a lot. But my art teacher may not agree with you completely. :-) Well English...i just write mostly with very simple words. I am sure you can give a better try too.
    Also why are you not activating comments to your posts now?

    Matilda - Thanks

  8. Good one...keep writing.

  9. That is a lovely painting, and as I always used to barely pass drawing, I am quite speechless looking at the picture. How can people do that?

  10. Creative. Good that you are pursuing these hobbies..like I do, when I get my usual fits to write poetry. Happy Holi Ajeya.:)

  11. Mridula - :-) I know..I was not keen on drawing or Painting till

    Celina - Good to see you back, I am sure you have very interesting stories from your travels to share on your blog. Thanks.

  12. looks good.: )

  13. i donno why comments were not activated for 2-3 days lol
    choooorry ajeya chan.
    and thanks very much for your lovely reply comment!
    have a wonderfuly day!

  14. Did hop here ..... Great work Bud !!
    Will catch on other posts as well :)

  15. Chriz...Niki....& Rahul - Thanks

  16. yourhistoryMay 14, 2009

    Ajay, good man, got into blogging :-)

  17. Kish - Thanks.

    Your History - Have you been named? :-)


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