The Next Generation!

When I was in Coimbatore this Jan, I visited few of P’s uncles and aunts. It was fun knowing people and realizing that you have suddenly become part of a bigger family. Visit to Palakad, and staying in the old mansion designed and built by P’s grandpa; filled with beautiful antique pieces was really exciting.

P's grandpa passed away last May, almost 45 years after gandma died. I have never seen him in person, but this room of his appeared so much full of life.

But what I enjoyed the most during this trip, was speaking to P’s little cousins. In them I saw a new generation, totally different from what I have seen growing up. Each one of them are so talented, so creativity.

A sweet little 4 year old, does all her work by herself. She has already placed her tiny foot into the world of classical dancing. He brother after returning from school goes to music classes before he sets off to learn playing shuttle badminton.

Two other cousins’ of P are superbly talented in Skating. Lakshu and her brother Sachin displayed for us, some of their skills on the wheels. The siblings are good at Yoga, Abacas and Skating. Another cousin of P is a good dancer and has also recently started learning Violin.

Among my cousin’s; few are of this age and are very talented. Some are well trained classical singers already. My Sister & cousin are grooming their sons to be a good vocalist along with their academic growth. One of them is taking classes to learn the rules if tricks of Chess.

What impressed me the most is that how beautifully these kids have learnt to balance their life between studies and hobbies. They have learnt so early in life to blend art with academics. I wish I had this thought when I was of their age. I only started identifying my interests after my 10th standard.

These kids, so extremely talented also very good in their studies are the future; the coming generation. One also has to recognize the efforts from the parents to develop the kids overall growth.

When I saw a couple of college going boys and girls in Bangalore; carefree in an arrogant manner; embracing the bad qualities of western culture; I wondered (worried) about the future to come. But looking at these beautifully gifted kids, I feel much better and see a brighter upcoming.

At Murugan Temple, Murudamalia, Near Coimbatore


  1. Your right, young children’s under the guidelines of parents and elders become much responsible citizens of this country. I always see in media that India is a very young country; more than 65% of our population are less than 34 years. In order to have brighter India we need to have Kids like this. Today’s children’s are much smarter than we were. I feel it’s we who are passing on this to the children’s, because we don’t want our children’s to miss out the opportunities that we missed in our childhood. It’s my guess ?
    It’s really amazing that you see everything in different perspective……..:-)

  2. Thanks Charan. Agree to everything you say. And Thanks a lot of writing here. Expecting more thoughts from you in future as well.

  3. I absolutely understand what you are saying. My two college going nephews and my young students give me a lot of hope for future!

  4. i know the feeling..blr is a bad example..thats why i keep harping on chennai..

  5. i envy those gifted generation too.
    they are sooo fluent in english and well educated. not like me :p
    on the other hand im proud to be grown up wild, ran in the nature and stayed out of home till sunset. haha~

  6. I was pleasantly surprised to read your article. Ever since I came back to India, I have been shocked at how kids lives have become very study-centric. Most kids don't even have the time to play, forget having a hobby. At my nephew's school, they finished 9th class portion in a rush and started teaching 10th already. Some schools apparently skip 9th and teach 10th directly and I don't see anybody protesting. Parents have outsourced their work to tuition masters.
    You post makes me think that there is hope. I hope there are more parents like your cousins.

  7. Mridula - Glad to hear that.

    Lakshmi - Hmm.

    Niki - Yes. You have a point there. That’s another aspect of it. We got to spend a lot of time outside house, especially me with climbing trees, climbing rocks near the beach, exploring the neighboring areas etc. Well city kids do not get to do that. This is a whole new topic but a excellent thought Niki.

  8. Vamsee - Welcome here.

    That is really strange to know about the skipping of syllabus to concentrate on 10th. Well things are too competitive for the kids these days. Well their goal to become an Engineer is already fed to them in a much younger age. One thing I loved observing the Americans is that, they had a choice to pick on what they want to become after they grow up.

  9. Next generation ! They are way too smart than us in any field and any day.
    Do you remember that 16 year old brat's definition of a temple ?

  10. Cuckoo - True, i vaguely recall that post of yours.

  11. Really liked reading this post of yours....!!! The part where you have mentione the urge to learn coming in our generation so late....!!! I agree as I am learning pottery and there is this college student who is already pursuing this art for past 3 years....and she has such dextrity and confidence in handling the clay.....!!!

    I agree that kids are our hope and I do hope parents are ensuring that they are instilling the right kind of guidance to kids...!!

    It was indeed a good read ~~
    Tk care ~~

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