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After returning from Sikkim, we got busy with setting up home, traveling to Mangalore, visiting friends and relatives and of course attending functions and weddings. And our parents visited, to check on us. :-)

When P’s parents were here for 3 days, we traveled around the city; Shiva temple at Old airport road, ISKON, Raaghi Gudda temple.

Shiva Idol Near Kempfort, Old Airport Road


When my parents visited us, they were busy with the Vishwa Kota Sammelana (Conference of our community). At the conference we witnessed some excellent cultural programs. Bharathnatyam Dance by Mamtha Karanth (A distant relative of mine) and her students was very impressive. Eka Patra Abhinaya (Mono act) by well known Yakshagana artist Mantapa Prabhakar Upadyaya was very beautiful and it proved that Yakshagana is also very much a classical dance form. Few discussions were good, highlighting the importance of saving our traditions and culture. Popular Lion dance from a Yakshagana sequence was also an interesting watch.

We also watched Ghajini. Having watched the Tamil first and liking Surya’s controlled performance; it was inevitable not to compare the two. Background music was excellent in Tamil and a little cold in the Hindi version. Even though Aamir has given his cent percent, according to me Surya is a much suitable actor for that role. Asin rocked in both versions. The strength of the film also is the characterization (Especially that of Asin) and the storyline. Though the Tamil ending was overlong and filled with action, Hindi wasn’t any better and the villain and hero kept running in some Jantar Mantar kind of maze.

When we were at Mangalore for New Year, we visited some of our relatives; went to the beach or otherwise relaxed at home.

Three day musical concert at Ramakrishna Ashram, near my house took us on a very peaceful journey. May it be Rajan & Saajan’s Hindustani music, Kadri Gopalnath’s Saxophone music or Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia magic with flute; they were all soulful and created a serene atmosphere.


  1. Ajeya, have you seen Oye Lucky Lucky Oye? It is a very different movie but quite enjoyable. Try it out if you can.

  2. Mridula - Yes, do want to watch that movie...Most or all of Abhay Deol movies are different and interesting. DevD too, i feel is next in line

  3. Haven't seen the movie yet. The mobile no. tattooed on Aamir's body turned out to be the no. of my daughters' school teacher's. It created quite an excitement in the school.

    I am in Bangalore now.

  4. hey :)
    yeah i was thinking about that too. but i tend to easily forget about it.

    would do the next time i post.
    thanks for the visit

  5. I have never been to India. It sounds so exotic to me, yet is is a far away land (and as you know, I fly rarely).
    But it is nice with blogs like yours, where I can get insight into a culture I know very little about.
    Thank you for your always nice comments on my blog.;)

  6. I watched quite a few movies the past few days..including Ghajini, Slumdog Millionaire and one in Kannada, Mussanjemaatu.:)

  7. Hi Ajeya, Some really good pics, although i haven't watched any of the latest movies yet they sound interesting, my hubby was all praises for "A Wednesday"


  8. that photo of shivaji looks awesome!!
    i gotta see the movie tooo :)
    i didnt know that you got married ajeya chan.
    Congratulations and Happy Married Life! muahh

  9. i agree with u ajeya abt surya

  10. Dear Ajeya,

    i used to live near the shivji temple on airport road an used to go there often.Its nice picture u hv taken.
    Now I am in hyderabad.My blog is about poetry,business and maangement.
    Your blog was abovemine in the indi blog directory :)-

  11. i am ranjit .. i am a great fan of your blog.. because i found the nature in your blog and the way of writing.. keep writing... i need a guidance that how to write blogs

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