Sikkim -4 (Gangtok)

I continue from here...Sikkim-3 (Nathula)

Next day, we had 10 point tour around Gangtok. We first went to beautiful Rumtek Monastery.

Here a nice unexpected experience happened.While walking through the Nalanda University there, I got to know that the students had just completed their exams and are having a sports day and picnic today, few distance up the hill, behind the monastery. I was very interested to visit them and one of the monks, led us there. After a climb for around 10 minutes, we reached a flat land, where the monks had created a play ground and were playing cricket. As we were the only visitors, we were asked to sit in the main podium like some chief guests. We were served tea and biscuits. Our pictures were taken by the monks as if we were guests of honor. They name their cricket teams with name of countries. On this day, team “India” and “Australia” were playing. I spoke to an English teacher and a senior student. They told me that monks come here at a young age and they study for 11 years. After which they can choose to be in a monastery, or pursue higher education or penance. There are also some who abandon the studies and return back. The choice is left to the individual. We thanked all the monks and left.

We next stopped at Nehru Botanical garden, whose plants in the green house where all dried. Girls from a convent where having a picnic there and in smaller groups had occupied different spots. We had a small chat with their teacher, a nun. Several view points are famous in Gangtok and provide good picturesque view of the capital. Shanthi view point, Tashi view point, Ganesh Tok, Hanuman Tok (With Ganesha and Hanuman temples) Provide good view of KCD.

Gangtok City View

We had a small stop at Govt institute of Cottage industry where many Sikkimese arts and crafts were on sale. A museum in front of the office is a nice place to know about the Sikkim culture. Flower garden has some good collections of orchids and asters. At a park nearby, school kids were having childrens day celebration with painting competition.

We next stopped at Tibetology museum which has a lot of interesting things from ancient Sikkim and Buddhism. A big Stupa with 108 prayer bells around is another attraction nearby. It is called Dodurl Chorten.

Next morning, we left Gangtok early morning; on the way stopped at Meli to see the union of Rangit and Theestha River; reached busy Bagdogra airport. Our return journey was uneventful unlike the onward journey.

Sikkim for several reasons will be the one among the most lovable journey of my life. Both P & I loved Sikkim not only because it was the first trip we had together, but also because it’s enchanting beauty, kind and beautiful people. P & I are already considering another trip there in near future.


  1. Brings back memories!
    I have been to all these places in the pre-digital era.

  2. ahh India, one of the few great places i would like to visit someday. Thank you for sharing it to us here and thanks for visiting my blog by the way.

  3. Very exotic pictures to someone like me, living in the cold Scandinavia.
    Very exotic blog as well.;)
    Thank you for stopping by my place.;)

  4. @Indrani- You must be wanting to revisit these places, ain't it?

  5. @Tophey & Protege, Welcome and Thanks.

  6. Like chief guests in Gangtok...nice! Good to read about your experience in this series. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Wow! I felt 'm there! :) lovely writing and amazing pics!

  8. i want to go there again now..:)


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