Have been terribly busy with lot of activities in my life, hence there was no much time for me to be on the blog world. Most of the previous month went in hunting for a new house, shifting and some major shopping’s. In between I did attend some excellent performances - Flute by Pandit Vekatesh Godkhindi, his son Pravin godkhindi and grandson Shadaj; Two Yakshagana's.

During one of my visit to Malleshwaram 8th cross, I got to capture these emotions among the crowd. Few attached below are some of my favorite.


  1. Nice pics of a typical street corner. Pravin godkhindi is very good, I heard him few yrs back. The three together must be a treat!

  2. Ajeya-

    Good luck with the house shifting, that is indeed a huge process. Nice everyday snapshot of Malleshwaram 8th cross.

  3. @Priyank - Indeed it was a treat to watch all three together.

    @Mitr - Thanks. All set now, I am glad i found a fully furnished house, otherwise, i must have been running every day to buy new things.

  4. Human emotions are great...
    Somtimes it's really fun just sitting down watching people walk by. I remember that you had a great post earlier describing the people you saw on a train during one of your backpack trips.

    Good luck with settling down at the new place :)

  5. Edmund,

    True...Yes that train incident was really interesting. Thanks.

  6. Such familiar sites but still captivates me so much when seen in pictures.

  7. Amazing shots! You makin everyday routine look so gorgeous :D good job!

  8. Nice blog. Wonderful posts. BTW r these pics from Chennai or B'lore?

  9. No bajji shops in Malleshwaram? it s my favoutire place after Basavangudi...Thogh I ve not gone to main market ...

  10. @Mridula - True.

    @Matilda - Thanks and Welcome

    @Vidhya - These are from Bangalore

    @Reborn - I dint find any there...Basvangudi is my fav place too...Thats the reaosn, i have never shifted my home from that place...I stay pretty close to Gandhi Bazaar and the beauty of it is, it reatins the traditional Bangalore image still.

  11. i miss the bustling streets of my native place...people shouting to attract customers, some also fighting for negotiations. hey i wl recommend that u send a few photos to the sony shootout contest. u hav good chances of winning cameras and more prizes. here's the link if u want to visit: http://shootout.sony.co.in/index.htm


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