Musical Concerts!

Last week was special; full of art; full of music; full of concerts. Vidyaranya Yuvaka Sangha conducted several musical concerts for 10 days on the occasion of Ganesh habba in APS college grounds, Basvangudi which is at a walk able distance from my house. To an art lover like me, it was a treat which I could not effort to miss at any cost.

Memorable moments at the concerts –

A beautiful fusion of different instruments – Ghatam by Giridhar udupa, Flute by Ravichandra Kullur, Mouth organ, Tabla and mrudanga gave a perfect start to the festival.

Giridhar Udupa At Ghatam
M D Pallavi (My favorite singer) on demand sang a mesmerizing song – Neenu illade during the climax of the second day show. This was only one from the long list of beautiful songs she sang that evening, including Arabic and latin. Her husband Arun complimanted her on the drums.

Santoor at its best, in the hands of Maestro Shivkumar sharma and his son Rahul sharma.

Hariharan’s semi classical movie songs and of course – Krishan Nee begane baro, attracted the highest crowd.

The compatibility and coordination between Ganesh & Kumuresh’s violins was truly appreciable. The music acted like medicine to my tiring mind.

Shiva mani’s music through his band set, suitcase, plates and every other folk instruments used in villages which collaborated to provide excellent music and blended with the music from Ghatam by Giridhar udupa and mandolin by Rajesh.

A new perspective of Ramayana, from Ravana’s point of view; a dance drama by actress Shobhana called Maya Ravana. The expressions that her eyes communicated as Kaike, Surpankai and Ravana were truly amazing and impressive.

Legendary carnatic music vocalist Mangalampalli Balamurali Krishna garlanded the final event of the habba with few of his own created raga's.

All pictures taken from the internet... not mine. :-)


  1. I haven't seen/heard all of them but Chaurasia, Shivkumar pandit & Shobhna.

    Is it because photography is normally prohibited in these places you are showing pictures from net ??

  2. No...Photography was not prohibited. But actually I did not feel like taking my camera for the concert.

  3. Music has done wonders to man and is a well known fact that music soothes the mind!
    Will post Purvi's pics soon. Thanks for dropping by :)

  4. Ajeya-

    must have been great for you to attend so many cultural events, beautiful pictures (even though not taken by you) and a succint write-up. Truly envious of that aspect in India, when we don't have the pleasure of having so many cultural events here.

  5. @Anu- True and Thanks

    @Mitr- Thanks. Agree...While I was there, this was what i missed the most...these cultural events and traditions.

  6. Missed them..the distance was a bit much and I was travelling

  7. Oh ok...Which part of town u live in?

  8. Lucky you!
    You have time to attend these functions and travel too!

  9. Seems like you had great time....I am so much looking forward to winters when city will kick start the musicals and concerts....!!

    Seeing Shobna's pics...(I find her so so beautiful and with such inherent grace) -i have this image...and I am doing a pencil sketch ...will share with you...!I am sure you will love that... !

  10. @Bendtherulz - Great, I would like to see the sketch.


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