I am bored of the usual travelogue style I always write in. So I thought of experimenting this time, by writing the whole experience backwards… :-)

The bus was driving back to Bangalore and for the first time in a trip, while returning home, I wasn’t sitting by the window and sleeping. The bus was racing towards the city and I cursed the driver – what is the hurry? The music played – Bachna Ae haseeno, Singh is King, Geela Geela…and more. I danced to the tunes with my friends as one of my friends waved the flash light to create disco effect. Our Boss’s 13 year old son jumped at us to match the spirit. It was the most fun filled climax for another wonderful trip. This trip had been special for its wonderful group and more for the fun we had as a team rather than the place itself.

Few hours back, before watching – Johnny Gadar & Kung fu panda in bus we were at Badra dam reservoir. Watching the backwaters and speaking to the Muslim shopkeeper women, who travel 3.5 miles to set up the shops. We had admired the Jungle resorts which is very neatly maintained and reminded me of the wood homes they show in Discovery Travel & Living. I strongly considered recommending this place for a quite peaceful environment; watching the Badra dam backwaters and at the same time, view the different bird species that the management boasts about. Before Badra dam, we had been to Kallahati falls. There was a marriage and special pooja happening at a small temple across the waterfall. I disliked the sight of villagers using soap and shampoos to take bath in the waterfall.

Eternal Kannada movie, Ganeshna Maduve, has always been everyone’s favorite. The comedy drew away all the tiredness of the day. The beautiful memories of Kemangundi were still afresh as we carried them back on our way to Kallahati falls.

On my way out of Kemmangundi, I recalled the wonderful sunrise we had watched from Z point; the orange sunrays merged into the hills turning them brighter and green. A dog from the resort had accompanied us till the top. It showed us shortcuts and waited for us. Shanthi falls was beautiful sweet falls on the way and we could not stop from experiencing its coldness.

Our walk to Z point had started at 5:15 Am. Only 7 of 18 had been ready for the mission as they slept tired from the eventful previous day. An hour’s (5Km) rigorous, continuous walk had taken us to the hill top following a road and then a tiny path uphill across a water fall. A silent moment on a hill top cannot be matched with anything, I guess.

But it was tough waking up that early from the eventful campfire we had had the previous night. The resort guys set up a camp fire on demand and we played Antakshari until we got tired and hungry.
We were not much lucky with the sunset though, as we were with the sunrise. Sunday evening, we had been to the Rajbhavan (Sunset point) but unfortunately the cloud hid the sun and set with it. So we walked around the park; watched few boys gamble by betting over tossed coins; clicked several pictures; teased one another and waited till dark to see if the clouds would clear the sky and hoped for a better sunrise.

This was indeed a nice time to relax after that hectic and mind-blowing experience we had just had at the Hebbe falls. Previously we had booked 2 jeeps which take us the Hebbe falls (13Km). The bumpy roads needed lot of skilled driving. The view along the way was amazing. The pictures can explain better.

From the jeep stop, we had to walk another 2.5 Km, through an estate; crossing streams; and escaping from leeches. But all that was more than worth for the magnificent waterfall, which falls from 200 odd ft. I recall as I watched the droplets fall loose from that height, it filled me with several emotions – Happiness, fear and lighteness. The water hit me with force, as I stood near it on a slippery rock and drenched in its freshness. Taking bath in a water fall always gives a cleansed feeling.

The college stories of my friend which only come out when drunk, were a good starter for all this fun that followed. We had enjoyed the back seat in the bus on Saturday night and accompanied the drinkers in their conversations as we made our way to Kemmangundi.

I had expected fewer wildernesses & reserved behavior in this trip due to presence of ladies, but it wasn’t so. The ladies were a sport and joined the group with matching spirit. The kids were energetic and kept the environment lively. Kemmangundi will be a trip memorable for all the fun we had had as a group.


  1. I agree pics are good !! Loved the waterfall -must be quite a sight. There is something about these expressions of nature -gushing water, sunsets and sunrise,vast expense of bugyals....I dont think you can get enough of these ....!

    Are you travelling everyweekend....if so amazing !!

  2. I know it's an amazingly beautiful place :)

    You have taken some nice pictures.

  3. Beautiful pictures!! You must have had an awesome time. I didn't read the post yet, just so mesmerized by the pictures. Will come back and read.
    I'm back after the longest time and hope to stick around:)

  4. Wonderful recount (backward). Nice idea.

    Was the dog trained for such activities ? Cool dog he is. ;)
    As always pictures are beautiful and is that you sitting & watching the falls ?


  5. Wow, very nice sunrise picture... What camera were you taking it with? Did I tell you I finally got myself a DSLR although I'm still a ultra newbie...

    Ha ha... I wonder if the people showering by the waterfalls will fall into the background while the married couple is taking pictures... lols :)

  6. loved the pictures..the sunrise and the waterfalls..interesting style :) when is yr sikkim trip ?

  7. All - The credit for the pics go to my friends...I did not take my camera for this trip.

    @Bendtherulz - Not every weekend. Sometimes it just happens that I am traveling every weekend.

    @ Alok - Thanks.

    @Travel Palza - Nice to have you back to Blog world. Running to your post after comments. :-)

    @Cuckoo - Yes it is me looking up at the falls....I dont think the dog was just followed us.

    @Lee - Most of the pics are from Cannon S3is of my friend. :-) Neat observation..yes the background for married couple can be all messed up. One must be lucky to have the waterfalls all by itself. :-)

    @Lakshmi - Thanks....trips in Nov.

  8. Read it reverse, last para first. Nice style though. :)
    very good pictures.

  9. pics have come nicely..specailly with the one with the doggie looking was like i could picture u in the bs..recollecting ...nice change...

  10. hmmm, you have been traveling alot :P.... very nice!

  11. @vishv - :-) yes the pic is also my personal fav.

    @Di.DI - Ya. Have been travelling a lot lately. BUt got to give it a break soon. SOme personal commitments coming up soon. :-)

  12. Ajeya-

    lovely write-up as always (liked the new style of recolelcting ur trip backwards), beautiful sunrise and nature photos. The places in Karnataka are all so scenic, we must visit atleast some in our next India trip.

  13. Mitr - Thanks...Sure you should visit Karnantka sometime in next visit...I can provide you all the inof you may need for your travel.

  14. This reverse style confused me a bit..haha!

    Nice pictures Ajeya and I believe the place in real is better than that. I've a desire to go to Kemmangundi since quite sometime. Hope I'll get an opportunity. I've been to neighboring areas of Chickmaglur and the place has been simply awesome!

  15. Can you please share some resort info where we can stay at kemmangundi... on the Hill itself?

  16. Good You love travelling and trekking!

    Kindly get in touch if u want to trek in Kolli Hills.


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