Sawariya V/s Om Shanti Om

I wanted to watch Sawariya out of the two because it’s from one of my favorite director – Sanjay Leela Bhansali (SLB). His previous films have been great examples of creative excellence and I did expect the same from the director this time too.

But, When the two films released, the critics happily took the side of “Om Shanti Om“(OSO) They thought Sawariya was boring and dull and on the other hand OSO as colorful and entertainer. I never go by the reviews in a newspaper from one person who does not necessarily represent the entire population. But when viewers too said the same I was slightly disappointed and thought that out of the two OSO is a winner.

My friends obviously turned towards OSO and I too thought that it might be good to catch some laugh as it claims to be an entertainer. I watched OSO and returned back with a headache. It was horrible, as I had expected. Only nice thing about the film is Deepika Padukone - fresh and bright. I should also mention one scene in the movie where I laughed a lot; Sharuk’s imitation of a Tamil actor with a stuffed tiger. The last time a scene had brought tears in my eyes before this was a scene of frog’s death in Shrek-3. But other than that, the movie had a very boring plot. After Chak De India, I had a little more expectation from Sharukh Khan to do meaningful roles. Most of the time I felt, everyone was overacting; the colors and emotions were too loud.

Anyway, nothing much remains to be told about this movie. Finally I decided to watch Sawariya and saw that they were disappearing from the theaters. Finally got a ticket and watched it last weekend. And I loved it.

The movie is different in the way the story has been narrated or shown; probably that is why people did not like it. It takes you to an imaginary town where every corner has beautiful architecture. The color of the movie is blue….everywhere it’s blue, probably to depict the mood of the heroine, I guess. I had predicted the ending based on this choice of color too. Green was the second color in line, which I think, defines the character of the hero.

Ranbir and Sonam are excellent performers. I do not consider them glamorous but they surely will come up based on their acting skills.

The best part of SLB is the narration, which is poetic. The scenes are creative and that supersedes all the other elements; 10 sweet little songs (Mostly short) describe different emotions. Rani Mukerjee rocks even in a small role.

Yes the script is a bit weak, but still I think it’s far better than OSO kind of commercial entertainers. I could at least cherish the director’s brilliance and creativity to transport us into an imaginary world and to covey thoughts in the form a songs or expressions rather than lengthy dialogues. The first song were the actor cheers up a bunch of prostitutes speak more than what is heard. His conversation with the old land lady is interesting too. To me, Sawariya is more human.

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  1. Did you see SRK and Farah Khan "apologise" to Manoj Kumar? They had so much difficulty holding back their they burst out laughing when the camera was finally off them....

  2. At last !! I wanted this kind of review from a person who has seen both. Me too like you, a fan of SLB.

    When I wrote that post, I was traveling and was told about Saawariya being a flop. But at that time itself I had decided to watch it sooner or later. Going to do that when I get some time and I can find it in some theater.

    Comparing OSO to this is not fair. OSO, at most would be an one time watch light entertainer. Also, I am not a fan of Farah Khan so can skip it as well.

  3. Replying to cuckoo- i think Ajeya could write this post even before watching the two movies. I find his reactions quite pre-conceived. Now, i have not seen either of the two, and neither do i plan to, as my pre-conceived notion is that both are much below par :). I would rather go watch JWM again.

  4. @Chintu - I did read that part. Its may be acceptable to immitate someone but it is not to show disrespect to such a legendery actor.

    @Cuckoo - I expected OSO to be a light entertainer, but to be very frank it did not make me smile much. I think there are two catogeries like COmmercial and Mainstream movie lovers....Do watch the Sawariya soooon! The later group is thin. :-))

  5. Rajeev - Thanks for answering Cuckoo, But I think she is anyway going to watch the film. :-)

    Well, every satisfaction is based on an expectations; a pre-conceived thought. That is how you rank any event or level of happiness.

    A simple explanation to your comment is- I had a set of expectations from both the films based on MY interests and both turned out to be right.

    I liked JWM and I think it is an entertainer.

  6. I watched OSO and it wasn't up to my expectation at all. Yet to enjoy SLB's Saawariya.

  7. We watched OSO over the holiday weekend. At best it is a light entertainer. I do agree that everyone in the film was over-acting and the whole movie was too loud and garish. My kids who usually love Sharukh masalas...didn't particularly enjoy this one...I guess that says it all....I think I will go and watch saawariya sometime..sounds like a good movie:)

  8. Glad you liked Sawaria and enjoyed parts of the second.

    And this is off topic but a few of us still feel it is Prakash (Deepika's Dad) who has got good looks!

  9. @Indicaspices - How are the bollywood craze in Gulf?

    @Travel Plaza - Heard that these two movies has topped the charter in US too?

    @Mridula - :-) I only know that Prakash & hence Deepika are from where i come, South canara -now Udupi

  10. I havent watched Saawariya as yet..and I like SLB films a lot..I did watch OSO and I think its ok, inspite of SRK..its an entertainer, full of nonsense and I dont think its worth a review ..You dont look for logic or plot here - Ive watched Iyrakai, the tamil flick which also has the same story as Saawariya ..Its beautiful- both story and the it if you havent while I will go watch saawariya

  11. And I agree with Mridula

  12. @Backpakker - Oh is it, willw a tch the Tamil one. Sawariya is based on a short story called "White Nights" by Fyodor Dostoevsky...A russian writer.

  13. Ajeya,
    Mainstream Hindi films are quite popular in Kuwait, even though the society here is traditionally conservative. Theaters screen hit Hindi films regularly.

    Btw, I saw Saawariya and though I generally like SLB's movies, this one was not up to my expectations. Sets were really beautiful though. :)

  14. @Indicaspecies - Very True. When compared with his own movies, it falls much behind.

  15. im not Farah Khan's die hard fan watsoever but she's family.. somehow we are related thru marriage.. my BIL is her cousin.. so please.... give her a break...


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